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Geox, a world-renowned Italian brand, is synonymous with innovative footwear and outerwear, setting industry standards for breathability and comfort. Founded by Mario Moretti Polegato, the label continues to redefine modern fashion with its patented technologies, such as Respira technology and Zero Shock System, offering a unique blend of style and functionality.

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Geox: A Revolution in Comfort and Breathable Innovation

A Visionary Beginning

Founded by Italian entrepreneur Mario Moretti Polegato, Geox is not just a brand but a revolution in footwear and outerwear. Polegato's moment of inspiration during a summer stroll, puncturing holes in his sneakers to let his feet breathe, laid the foundation for the label's commitment to revolutionising the way we think about shoes and clothing.

Breathability and Comfort at the Core

Geox's philosophy centres around providing comfort in everyday footwear and clothing. The brand understands the demand for versatile, functional, and comfortable options that seamlessly integrate into various lifestyles. The brand's commitment to excellence in comfort and breathability is evident in every product it offers.

Zero Shock System: Unparalleled Comfort

Geox's remarkable Zero Shock System, integrated into the soles of shoes and boots, offers advanced cushioning that absorbs shocks, ensuring an extraordinary level of comfort. Whether navigating the city or enjoying a leisurely stroll, the Zero Shock System takes care of your feet.

Shoes: Where Innovation Meets Breathability

Respira Technology: Exceptional Breathability

Geox shoes are renowned for exceptional breathability, thanks to the proprietary Respira technology. The patented perforated sole allows the foot to breathe, maintaining a micro-climate of well-being within the shoe. This combination ensures outstanding comfort, lightweight feel, and versatility.

Trainers: Fusion of Sports-Luxe and Comfort

Geox trainers seamlessly bridge the gap between sports-luxe and everyday wear, offering modern styling and superior comfort. The cutting-edge design and technical expertise make the trainers a preferred choice for the active urban dweller.

Boots: Comfort and Style

Geox boots provide a perfect combination of comfort and modern styling. Whether for the office or a casual weekend stroll, the label's expertise in breathability and insulation ensures dry and comfortable feet, regardless of the weather.

Geox Respira Shoes: Next-Level Dryness

Geox Respira shoes elevate breathability and comfort to the next level, designed with a focus on transpiration. These shoes ensure dry feet even during demanding activities, showcasing the brand's dedication to well-being.

Outerwear: Protection Redefined

Geox's innovation extends to outerwear with jackets designed for weather protection and insulation. Attention to detail and advanced technical features make the jackets a must-have for those seeking superior protection without compromising on style.

Breathing Shoulder Tape: Beyond Footwear

Geox's expertise in breathability extends beyond footwear, with innovative breathing shoulder tape in outerwear. This technical marvel regulates body temperature, preventing overheating while maintaining a comfortable micro-climate.

Italian Patented Excellence

Geox's commitment to Italian craftsmanship and patented technology is evident in every product. Combining traditional craftsmanship with modern technology, the brand creates functional and stylish footwear and outerwear, setting the label apart from competitors.

A Collection for Every Lifestyle

Men's and Women's Collections: Versatility for All

Geox offers a wide range of options in both men's and women's collections, catering to diverse lifestyles. From office-ready smart casual to weekend relaxation and urban everyday styling, the label has something for everyone.

Uniquely Comfortable Experience

Geox's extraordinary attention to detail, from materials to construction techniques, provides an exceptional level of comfort. Whether walking through the city or hiking outdoors, the footwear and outerwear offer unparalleled comfort.

The Choice for the Modern Lifestyle

In a world where versatility, functionality, and comfort are paramount, Geox has emerged as a brand catering to the needs of the modern lifestyle. Whether seeking waterproof weather protection, insulation against the cold, or a stylish jacket, the label has the perfect solution.

Explore Jules B: Leading Geox UK Stockists

Jules B stands out as a leading Geox stockists, offering a 10% discount on new season styles with the Geox discount code code 'NEW.' With its Respira technology, Zero Shock System, and unwavering commitment to excellence, the label redefines the world of comfortable, breathable, and stylish footwear and outerwear for men and women.

The label stands as a beacon of innovation and care, providing customers with the ultimate gift: dry feet, flexibility, and a unique sense of well-being. So, when in search of comfortable, breathable, and stylish footwear or outerwear, remember the name Geox – where innovation meets comfort.