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BLUNT Umbrellas

BLUNT umbrellas are renowned for their ground-breaking design and enduring quality, representing a fusion of innovative technology and timeless style. Originating from New Zealand, these umbrellas are engineered to withstand all wind conditions, making them a reliable and stylish companion on rainy days.

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BLUNT Umbrellas at Jules B: A Testament to Innovative Design and Timeless Quality

In the realm of umbrellas, BLUNT stands as a testament to innovation and enduring quality. Among the leading stockists in the UK, Jules B proudly showcases a wide array of BLUNT umbrellas, allowing customers to experience the ground-breaking design and genuine purpose embedded in each creation.

BLUNT Umbrellas: Designed for Forever

Originating from New Zealand, BLUNT was born out of the creative genius of Greig Brebner. His vision was clear: to revolutionise the way umbrellas are perceived and used. BLUNT umbrellas are not just accessories for rainy days; they are meticulously designed to stand the test of time.

Innovation and Passion: The BLUNT Umbrella Difference

BLUNT umbrellas are more than just a shield against the rain; they embody a passion for innovative design. The modular construction of these umbrellas ensures they are not only repairable but also upgradable. The simplicity of the design belies its optimum performance, making BLUNT umbrellas a symbol of reliability in unpredictable weather.

Compact Styles for On-the-Go Convenience

BLUNT umbrellas at Jules B come in an array of styles to suit every need. From compact, collapsible options for those on the move to full-length styles for maximum protection, BLUNT has it all. These umbrellas are designed to be conveniently slipped into your bag, ensuring you are always prepared to withstand the elements.

360° Spinning Technology: Handling Knocks with Ease

One of BLUNT's ground-breaking features is its 360° spinning technology. This innovative design enables the umbrella to handle knocks and gusts effortlessly. No more worrying about your umbrella turning inside out in a sudden burst of wind; BLUNT umbrellas are built to withstand all wind conditions.

Velcro Fastening Canopy and Sturdy Frame: Ensuring Maximum Protection

The attention to detail in BLUNT umbrellas is evident in features like the Velcro fastening canopy and sturdy frame. The canopy, available in a spectrum of coloured options, is not only visually appealing but also securely fastened for maximum protection. The robust frame ensures durability, making BLUNT umbrellas a reliable companion for the long haul.

Radial Tensioning System and Patented Technology: Engineering Excellence

The radial tensioning system employed by BLUNT ensures that the umbrella canopy is always taut, enhancing its overall performance. This patented technology, unique to BLUNT, sets these umbrellas apart in terms of engineering excellence. Customers at Jules B can be confident that they are investing in a product that combines style with cutting-edge technology.

Jules B: Your BLUNT Umbrella Destination in the UK

As a leading BLUNT umbrella UK stockist, Jules B curates a selection of these exceptional umbrellas, each carrying the unique heritage and innovation that defines the brand. Customers at Jules B are not just purchasing an umbrella; they are investing in a piece of future-proofed, modular design that is both compatible and repairable.

BLUNT Umbrella Discount Code: 'NEW' for 10% Off New Season Styles

At Jules B, the BLUNT umbrella experience becomes even more enticing with an exclusive discount code. Enter 'NEW' at checkout to avail yourself of a 10% discount on new season styles. This offer is a testament to Jules B's commitment to providing its customers with the best deals on premium products.