The HQ Team on Their 2024 Style Investments


It’s January and the talk of the moment is New Year’s resolutions. After discussing ours here in the Jules B office, the conversation naturally moves to fashion, more specifically, our wardrobes. We all have our personal tastes, but all of us are keen to make smarter sartorial choices in 2024. Cue investment pieces.

One of the failsafe options to improve poor shopping habits is to spend on better quality pieces. While such attire tends to come with a higher price tag, it has to be worth the investment. That said, the sales are a brilliant time to get hold of pieces you’ve been after for years for a reasonable price. Whether you’re willing to spend or prefer a bargain, the trick is to have your most wanted pieces in mind, so you’re ready when the time comes to snap them up.

So, what’s on your list this year? If you’re in need of some inspiration, read on to discover what the creative and buying teams are on the lookout for this year. 

Grace Calton, Content Editor

“I always have a list! Every January, alongside my New Year’s resolutions, I think about the changes or upgrades I want to make to my wardrobe, some minor, some major. And this year is no different. Where to begin… I’ve been after a great trench coat for years. Year-round I keep an eye out for the dream style that I just know I’ll fall in love with. One that is the right length, fit and the perfect shade of beige. I will continue my hunt in 2024 and hopefully find the one! 

Like my dreams of the trench coat, I’ve also been forever searching for a black blazer. I’ve had a couple over the years, but never one I’ve truly loved. As simple as it seems, it’s difficult to find a cool, tailored, oversized black blazer in a long lasting fabric. I’d like to invest in one, as I plan to wear it with everything from jeans and trousers to mini and maxi skirts.

Last on my list is a pair of good walking boots. The kind that will see me through summer hikes and winter walks – a reliable pair I’ll keep forever.”

Rebecca Eltringham, Graphic Designer 

“I think fashion wise I’m really trying to slim down my wardrobe and only buy pieces that are made well and I know I’ll keep for years, rather than buying cheap, trend-lead pieces that I wear a couple of times and end up giving away. I feel like I started doing this last year, buying more sustainable basics, like jeans and blazers, but at the moment I’d really like a nice pair of black chunky sole knee high boots that will go with dresses in the spring. And maybe a nice oversized chunky knit jumper in navy.

I got into running last year and really started to enjoy it but then stopped over Christmas while I ate my body weight in roasties. So, I’d also like to invest in a good pair of running trainers as I’m thinking a nice new pair of trainers would get me back to enjoying running again. Last one I promise… I’d also like to bring some leopard print into my wardrobe, maybe some wide leg trousers. I feel like animal print is going to be around a lot in 2024 as it’s already starting to creep in.”

Krissy Staykova, Graphic Designer and Digital Marketing Coordinator

“When it comes to fashion, there is one thing I have always struggled to find and that is a good pair of jeans! I really want to try new styles and see myself in the mirror in the shop, so I can choose between many and see what fits me best. The problem is I find that so many shops lack petite sizes. I love that I am short (just under 5 ft 1) but in that case, where I see the perfect pair of jeans labelled ‘petite’ being super long and baggy as if I have them on a hanger, I get extremely annoyed.

In some cases I get them cropped, but most of the time this ruins the shape and they no longer look as nice as they did. I even remember one time I went shopping with my friend, who is also really short, and we spent six hours walking from shop to shop, brand to brand, and we couldn’t find anything that fitted us. I would love to have a nice pair of designer jeans, that I won’t need to crop and that would make me feel confident!”

Jonathan Cox, Senior Photographer and Retoucher

“This sounds a bit random, but vintage baby clothes for the new bairn. My daughter, Matilda Eden, is three months old and we’re currently shopping around for great baby clothes, like dungarees, puffer coats and cool knitwear. I’ve been looking mostly in charity shops and online retailers like Etsy and Depop that sell all kinds of vintage kids stuff. For myself, I’d like a new chocolate brown fleece. I have one but it doesn’t fit me that well.”

Lizzie Hazelgrave, Buying and Merchandising Assistant 

“In 2024 I will be investing in trainers. I am undecided if I want something fun and colourful from Hoff or an easy, comfortable every day trainer from Veja.”

Elle Scotson, Buying and Online Stylist

“This season, I want to invest in good quality, neutral basics that will have longevity in my wardrobe. I am usually attracted to wow pieces and as gorgeous as they are, I don’t get much wear out of them. I plan to reframe my shopping habits in order to get more value for money pieces and timeless classics that I’ll wear on repeat. I’ve recently invested in a pair of Rag & Bone Logan wide-leg jeans and I get so much wear out of them. They go with everything! I can’t take them off.”

David Brookes, Head of Merchandising

“There’s a joke in the buying office that I only wear navy overshirts. So my investment piece this year will be more navy overshirts. They’re transeasonal pieces that with such unreliable weather I seem to wear on repeat.”

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