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    Designers to Know: Nicole Benisti

    Dedicated to delivering fashion-forward designs that boast with weather functionality, practicality and a cutting-edge profile, Nicole Benisti is a Canadian-based luxury fashion brand that focuse on contemporary outerwear pieces driven by…

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    Designers To Know: DL1961

    DL1961 is a New York based company that specialises in delivering only the highest quality denim. Renowned for their passionate approach to denim, DL1961 have become one of the best denim…

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    Designers to Know: Stemar

    The first Stemar collection was released back in 1969, representing the vision and creativity of the Moreschi family showcasing a rich history of traditional Italian footwear design. Crafted and produced in…

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    Designers To Know: RIXO

    A contemporary womenswear label offering distinctively British vintage-inspired collections for the modern woman, RIXO aim to deliver refreshing and beautiful pieces to allow women showcase their true individuality through a host…

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    Designers To Know: Chinti & Parker

    Chinti and Parker is an innovative knitwear brand which seeks to revitalise contemporary womenswear in a way that is both stylish yet comfortable. Built upon the notion of ‘material creativity’, Chinti and…

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    Murdock London

    Murdock London is a grooming specialist, focused on catering for stylish gentlemen who take pride in their appearance. These products are created from premium ingredients, each product has its own benefits, all with the…