Barbour SS24 Jules B
Barbour SS24 Jules B

With a new year comes all kinds of resolutions. These typically surround making positive lifestyle choices, such as joining the gym, going on a health kick or partaking in Dry January. While many succeed, some of us struggle to maintain the strict rules we set ourselves, resulting in feelings of failure if the goals cannot be met. However, it’s easy to forget that resolutions can actually be fun.

If you’re looking for alternative goals to focus your attention on throughout 2024, your personal style is the perfect place to begin. This can be particularly appealing if you love fashion, because you can consider it almost like a creative project – an opportunity to make changes for the better while focusing your time and efforts into something you enjoy. And for those keen to develop a more sensible mindset when shopping, creating a style resolution is also an opportunity to support the planet. 

To keep things fun this January, we’re bringing you 6 fashion resolutions.

1. Revamp your collection

Getting organised is a good first step and one that will help you get stuck into your other 2024 resolutions. Completely reorganising your closet and doing a sensible clear-out will set the bases for a fresh start. With everything in order, you’ll know exactly what you have, bringing old favourites back into your collection and even discovering gems you’ve forgotten you had. You’ll also be able to see at a glance the staples you’re missing, whether it’s a trench coat, a black blazer or a pair of blue jeans. In addition, you’ll see what you don’t need. 

2. Learn to mend

From buttons falling off and zips breaking to general wear and tear, there are many ways clothes, shoes and accessories can begin to look less than best. And for many of us, our instinct is to stop using the item, rather than fixing it. If you’re guilty of pushing a damaged item to the back of your wardrobe or even buying a brand new version, 2024 could be the year to learn how to mend your clothes.

It might feel daunting if you’ve never mended before, but you don’t need to be an expert. Even learning a few beginners tricks can be gamehanging, such as hand-sewing with a needle and thread for small repair jobs like replacing a button or darning a sock. With these skills under your belt, you’ll be able to continue wearing your favourite pieces and save on buying new. There’s also the added bonus that you might love your clothes even more, as a little imperfection often adds beauty and character. 

A little TLC goes a long way, and part of this journey also includes caring for your clothes better from the beginning. Taking simple steps to keep your pieces in good condition will extend their life cycle and keep them looking good. You can do this by always checking the label to check the care instructions, as this will ensure you handle them correctly, for example, when washing and drying. 

3. Discover new designers

It’s a great feeling to have a brand that you love. One you can rely on time and time again to provide your wardrobe with pieces that you  cherish and wear on repeat. When you find that one brand or several, you might stick with them and lose interest in others. And while loyalty is an incredible strength to have, there’s no harm in discovering new brands. There are so many brands out there that you could be missing out on exploring. By all means remain a die-hard customer to your favourites, but don’t fear the unknown.

4. Move out of your comfort zone

When you find a style that suits, it’s natural to wear it on repeat. Perhaps you’ve opted for slouchier silhouettes for the past 12 months for ease, because it’s easier to throw on an oversized sweatshirt and baggy jeans. It’s always good to prioritise comfort, but when was the last time you got really adventurous with your outfit? In 2024, we suggest exiting the comfort zone and being more creative in your dressing. What that means for you exactly depends on your usual habits. For instance, if your comfort colour is black, switch things up by incorporating some colour into your looks. If you usually opt for minimal styling, try playing around with accessories. Push yourself to wear something that you like the look of, but would never usually wear. Once you begin breaking your own sartorial rules, you can have a lot of fun!

5. Buy better

To buy better means to buy wiser. In other words, it means putting more thought into your shopping habits. One of the best initiatives to wise up is to choose investment pieces – those that you’ll wear over and over without them becoming unwearable. It means reading the label, considering the fabric content, the origins, and ultimately quality checking your choices. It also means being more critical of the style and considering realistically how much you’re going to wear it. A good rule of thumb is to imagine at least a handful of outfits that your new purchase will fit into. And if it can fit into all seasons, even better. 

White timetaking and potentially hard work, the experience can be incredibly satisfying. There’s nothing more appealing than an organised wardrobe, a space where everything has its place. And the fun doesn’t stop there. 

Once everything is in place, there’s a concept that can be a great choice for those who want to shop more consciously – browse your own wardrobe. Play stylist and put together outfits previously forgotten about and give them new life. You’ll soon realise the potential of the pieces you already own, and the many opportunities for reworking them and crafting completely new looks.

6. Wear more, together

Did you know that layering up can actually bring a feeling of newness to your clothes? By mixing more of your pieces together, the outfit potential can prove surprising. For example, if you’re tired of wearing the same blouse on repeat, throw a V-neck jumper or a cashmere vest over the top, and you’ve got an entirely different look, where only the collar and cuffs of said blouse peek out. These little details are what make memorable looks, and even though it’s the same old blouse, you might view it in a different way – others certainly will. 

Wearing more of your purchases together also helps you merge seasons. It’s about being more creative and often thinking outside of the box – a floral dress you save for the beach in July could work in autumn when paired with tights, chunky boots and an oversized knit. So, as well as learning the art of mending, it’s worth learning to layer

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