Tropicfeel: Accessories for the Conscious Traveller

Tropicfeel SS24 Jules B
Tropicfeel SS24 Jules B

It’s a new year, and what better way to kickstart January than with a fresh brand for your collection. Meet the latest addition to our list – Tropicfeel – a brand devoted to changing the way we travel for the better. As well as developing high-tech travel gear that lasts, perhaps the biggest attraction to this Barcelona-based brand is its commitment to leaving a positive footprint, helping to instil a sustainable mindset in those who travel, whether frequently or occasionally. 

Tropicfeel, initially named Tropic, was founded in early 2017 by avid travellers Alberto Espinós and Lucas De Gispert. After many adventures around the world in poor footwear, the duo decided it was time to launch their own shoes – the kind perfected to equip backpackers. They were onto something, because naturally, nobody wants an experience tainted by uncomfortable feet.

The concept also includes another goal – to cut out the need for regular travellers to carry more than one pair of shoes. Of course, Espinós and De Gispert didn’t stop there. Tropicfeel went on to cater further to the needs of travellers, launching a collection complete with backpacks, luggage, clothing and other essentials. 

You can now shop Tropicfeel backpacks and the matching accessories at Jules B. Discover the collection and learn why these items are such a good investment for the modern traveller.

Meet the Backpacks

We’re excited to welcome three Tropicfeel backpacks to our collection: the Nook, the Shell and the Shelter. Let’s take a look at the features. 

The Nook

The Nook backpack is the smaller of the three, available in two colours – core black and olive green. What makes this backpack so versatile is that it expands from 14 litres to 34 litres. That means you can wear it smaller for your daily commute or enlarge it for weekend trips.

Furthermore, you can flip it to use the alternative handle, transforming it into a carry-on bag if you want to catch a train or plane. And when exploring on foot, there’s no need to fear the elements as your belongings remain safe thanks to recycled weatherproof materials. It has other functional extras too, like multiple compartments and a cushioned back panel. 

The Shell

The Shell will ultimately become your shell as it allows you to carry all home comforts on your back. Designed with an incredibly creative wardrobe system complete with several compartments for maximum organisation, packing has never been so easy. 

This backpack is well-suited for longer trips where you need a few outfit changes. There’s plenty of space for T-shirts, shorts, and more. And let’s not forget the kangaroo pocket – a thoughtful little pocket that unfolds from the bottom and provides 6 litres of additional space, ideal for squeezing in something extra like a pair of trainers. 

You can purchase the Shell in core black, cypress green and orion blue.

The Shelter

For the ultimate travel experience, the Shelter backpack has limitless potential. The brand calls it its most technical backpack yet, and it only gets better when you start adding accessories. First of all, it is bigger yet remains comfortable to carry even with a heavy load. It’s more expandable than the others, with the main body switching from 30 to 54 litres. When you include the other pieces, which Tropicfeel refers to as the full ecosystem, it expands up to 66. So, there’s plenty of wiggle room when planning the duration of your trips. 

The Shelter backpack features a roll-top opening and a clamshell opening that provides easy access to the main compartment. It also has the kangaroo pocket and the cocoon rainfly – a cover-up that seals the backpack for enhanced protection from the elements. You can shop this one in core black and olive green. 

Don’t Forget to Accessorise

The Tropicfeel backpacks are fully-equipped on their own, but if you want the full portable wardrobe experience, you can opt for the ecosystem – a series of add-ons that take your backpack to the next level. Here’s what you can shop now. 

The Wardrobe System

The wardrobe system is suitable for the Shell and Shelter backpacks. It’s the ultimate organisational tool for travellers, allowing you to pack up to 20% more with little extra weight and zero bulk. Simply pack your things in the available compartments, compress it and return it to the backpack. Gamechanger.

The Smart Packing Cube

A smaller option compatible with the Nook backpack, the Smart Packing Cube holds up to 10 litres. It saves space by compressing your clothing and other essentials before seamlessly integrating into your backpack.

The Nook Pouch

A must-have carrier for all things essential. With 2 litres of space, it’s perfect for smaller items, such as beauty products, passports, tech equipment and more.

The Roll-Up Toiletry Bag

Having a toiletries bag makes life easier. You don’t have to worry about spillages spoiling your clothes or spend time hunting down products mixed amongst your other things. This roll-up toiletry bag keeps everything together in one place and even includes a mirror and a detachable pouch for liquid. 

The FidLock® Toiletry Bag

Made for the Shell backpack, this handy toiletry bag attaches to the front so you don’t lose space inside. It’s a good size for storing your daily essentials and offers quick, convenient access on your travels.

If you’re feeling excited about Tropicfeel, take a peek at the inner workings of the popular Shell backpack when paired with the extras below.

Explore the full collection.

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