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    Apricot Salsa Quesadillas

      Image source: These tasty apricot salsa quesadillas from Top with Cinnamon are a great option if you’re looking to adopt a more flexitarian diet for 2019. Completely vegetarian and full…

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    Grilled Mushroom Risotto

    Image source: This delicious grilled mushroom risotto from Jamie Oliver is perfect for autumn, combining fresh seasonal ingredients to create a warming, flavourful dish. Jamie grills the mushrooms and scatters them…

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    Cauliflower Rice Burrito Bowl

    Image source: Vegan and gluten free Serves 3 These flavourful 30-minute burrito bowls from Minimalist Baker are a tasty and healthy option to be enjoyed at any time of day.…

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    Chocolate and Pistachio Babka

    Image source: Babka is a delightful cross between bread and cake, sweet to taste and delicious as an afternoon treat. This recipe from The Boy Who Bakes makes a swirled loaf packed…

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    Peach, Halloumi and Serrano Ham Salad

    Image source: Who says salads have to be boring? Salads should be colourful and customised, made to include your favourite fresh ingredients. This mouthwatering peach, halloumi and Serrano ham salad is…

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    Smoky Chorizo Salmon

    Image source: We love finding new ways to cook up our favourite ingredients and this effortless recipe from Jamie Oliver is a super tasty way to incorporate salmon into a…