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Stetson Flat Caps

Stetson flat caps are renowned for their timeless elegance and quality craftsmanship, offering a classic and sophisticated accessory for any occasion. With a variety of fabrics and iconic designs, these caps combine heritage with modern style, making them a versatile choice for the discerning individual.

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Stetson Flat Caps: Timeless Elegance and Quality Headwear

Stetson, a name synonymous with quality and heritage in the world of headwear, has long been revered for its classic and iconic designs. Among the many styles it offers, the Stetson flat cap and Stetson newsboy cap stand out as epitomes of sophistication and functionality.

Stetson Flat Caps: The Epitome of Timeless Style

Stetson flat caps are the embodiment of timeless style and character. These caps feature a rounded crown and a short brim, offering a distinct silhouette that has endured for generations. Their classic design transcends fashion trends, making them a must-have accessory for both rural country gents and urban city dwellers. The Stetson flat cap effortlessly adds a touch of sophistication to any ensemble, elevating your look with its iconic and heritage-rich appeal.

Quality Fabrics for Every Season

One of the hallmarks of Stetson flat caps is the exceptional quality of fabrics used in their construction. Stetson understands that different seasons demand different materials to ensure comfort and protection. As leading Stetson flat cap UK stockists, Jules B offers a diverse range of fabric choices to cater to every preference and climate.


For practical warmth during the winter months, Stetson's wool flat caps provide insulation and style in equal measure. The thick and cosy wool is often crafted into classic patterns like plain, check, and herringbone.

Cotton and Linen

When summer arrives, Stetson's cotton and linen flat caps keep you cool and stylish. These breathable fabrics are perfect for sunny days in the countryside or the city.


Tweed flat caps are a nod to Stetson's rural heritage. The rustic charm of tweed, combined with Stetson's panel construction and top button detail, creates a headwear piece that exudes character and authenticity.


For those seeking a touch of luxury and durability, Stetson's leather caps offer a unique alternative. The supple leather construction adds an extra layer of sophistication to your ensemble.

Stetson Hatteras: The Iconic Choice

Among Stetson's flat cap offerings, the Hatteras style stands out as an iconic choice. Featuring a panelled crown and a stitched peak, the Stetson Hatteras combines functionality and style seamlessly. This cap provides excellent protection against the elements while elevating your overall look.

Year-Round Versatility

Stetson flat caps are renowned for their year-round wearability. Whether you're braving the chill of winter or seeking shade in the summer sun, there's a Stetson flat cap designed to meet your needs. Their practicality and adaptability make them a staple in any headwear collection.