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Six Simple Steps To Sustainable Fashion

Many find the concept of sustainability attractive. So why is the concept of being more sustainable ourselves seemingly so daunting?

The pursuit of global sustainability is not something we take lightly and it is widely known that many of our modern day ‘must-have’ attitudes have added to the climate crisis.

Fashion and sustainability can go hand in hand, and we have put together a list of simple steps to help you achieve a sustainable fashion focused wardrobe. From attitude shifts to sustainable denim options and clothing care, we’ve got you covered.

1. Research and rethink – Like anything, doing your research is imperative to being informed about how you can make a change. Whether it is researching a brand’s sustainability stance before purchasing a product, or rethinking how this item will fit into your existing selection of clothes, it is important to remain conscious of the decision you’re making and the reasons behind it.

2. Repurpose – Vintage has advantages. Whether it’s a Chanel handbag or a classic pair of denim jeans, repurposing clothing can give any ensemble a new lease of life and contribute positively to sustainable fashion. Upcycling can be a really rewarding way of marrying up fashion and sustainability, while putting your unique touches on quality clothing.

3. Break bad habits – Shopping behaviours have changed dramatically over time, and we now see a huge rise in supply and demand on most collections. As our desire for immediacy has grown significantly with the development of fast fashion, we have grown into unhealthy behaviours of fashion consumption. We would recommend that you only buy an item you can style in four different ways. Failing that, a digital detox should help you break the late-night shopaholic sessions.

4. Sustainable denim – A true must-have item for anyone who appreciates easy-to-wear clothing, without worrying about the impact the product making process has on the planet. Citizens of Humanity is stocked at Jules B, combining cutting-edge denim and premium materials with comfort. Also stocked in our catalogue of premium brands, is Replay. Renowned for their high sustainability standards without compromised quality, we are proud to have both brands available to purchase on Jules B.

5. Quality, quality, quality – It goes without saying that quality matters. Investing in quality items will ensure that the garment lasts longer, fits better and looks flawless. Understandably, in most cases, people are reluctant to spend more on clothing because of the decreasing comparative prices in fast fashion, however, most quality items will last 10x longer than those that are produced on such a scale. We say treat yourself!

6. Clothing care – First things first, always read the label! Clothing care will not only impact the quality of the clothing but your contributions to fashion and sustainability. Where possible, we would recommend doing fewer washes, washing at lower temperatures and air drying. Of course, some items require a high level of care, so make sure to pay close attention to washing instructions and minimise the number of washes you do.

By increasing your consciousness towards the fashion choices you’re making, you’ll be able to improve your impact on the sustainability of the fashion industry. You can be part of the movement!