Crafting a Knitwear Collection for Keeps


Sometimes it’s tricky to know what to wear when the weather shifts. After months of t-shirts, shorts and sandals, the cold can come as a shock to the system. This is the moment when you realise the need for a collection of clothes with warming abilities. And there’s one particular clothing category that remains top of the list. It’s that one thing you reach for when there’s a nip in the air, whether curled up on the couch or going for a walk in the park. That one thing? A cosy knit. 

Knitwear has become a sartorial staple for the modern man, with its ability to ward off the cold while turning a basic outfit into a layering masterpiece. Throw in different patterns, prints and textures, and you’ve got a plethora of everyday outfit opportunities. But with capsule dressing skyrocketing to the forefront of our minds, it’s worth exploring pieces that will remain in your wardrobe for the foreseeable. With that in mind, we’ve rounded up a selection of staple knits made to last.

The crew neck

One of several classic knitwear designs, the crew neck is a must on the Autumn/Winter 2023 fashion agenda. As the collarless design sits comfortably on the neckline without fuss, it offers endless chances for layering. Tees, shirts and other lightweight knits can be worn underneath, while on top you can pile on more knits, blazers and gilets until you’re wrapped up good and proper.

The cable knit 

Another classic pick that makes an appearance on the catwalk and the street every AW season, the cable knit is a garment you’ll wear time and time again. Notoriously chunky from cross-over stitches that form braid-like patterns, cable knitwear’s purpose is to keep its wearers warm. And there’s no denying the allure that the decorative element of the cable knit stitch brings. It’s an instantly recognisable pattern that confirms the arrival of the new season.

The half-zip

Combining knitwear, sportswear, comfort and convenience, the half-zip jumper is a staple style for every man’s wardrobe. It also serves as a halfway point between a cardigan and a jumper, ideal for those who like the option to open up a knit when it gets a little warm. Another bonus is that the half-zip knit is a standalone piece and a layer-lover’s dream. Pair it with a simple white tee for a just-off-to-the-park look or dress it up with a button-down shirt.

The roll & turtleneck

Perhaps the most gentlemanly of knits, both the roll neck and turtleneck boast a high collar that covers the neck. In dressing the neck, they help to frame the face and even show off your best features. And the benefits don’t stop there. These styles give an instant dose of sophistication, even when worn with a tired pair of blue jeans. Of course, they’re perfect for the business-casual dress code when paired with smart trousers. Plus, they offer full coverage when you want to slip on something to keep warm, whether in the office or running errands on the weekend. 

The traditional

Feeling more adventurous? If you’re looking to move away from the plainer styles, throwing on a jumper made with traditional techniques that intertwine colour and pattern is a great choice. Think argyle and fair isle – two styles that naturally bring detail to your knitwear collection. And although they tend to come out in December, this form of knitwear is not just for the holiday season. The right knit can serve as an everyday piece, regardless of the festivities. Just opt for colours that you can work into your wardrobe with ease. If you decide against something bright in the end, you can always play it safe with another age-old knitting method – the cable knit. 

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