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New & Noteworthy | One Hundred Stars SS22

A brand that is passionate about how the wearer feels in the clothing, One Hundred Stars was founded in 2015. Every collection is unique through an array of characteristics, designs and colours. Rather than following current trends, One Hundred Stars take their inspiration from classical and historical designs. Each piece that you invest in will stay with you for years to come with its timeless design.

As well as promising luxury and premium quality, One Hundred Stars clothing is sourced and manufactured in India by a small family business. The brand ensures that each item’s journey is carried out as ethically and sustainably as possible.

Whether you’re looking for the perfect finishing touch to your outfit or want to add extra sophistication to your outfit, our range of One Hundred Stars online has got you covered. With a One Hundred Stars headband you can beautifully embellish your casual looks, or make it your go-to headband when applying makeup. Indulge in a One Hundred Stars gown if you want to lounge around luxuriously for years to come, or add a designer kimono to your summer looks for an extra burst of colour.

Ancient Columns Print

The Ancient Columns print consists of detailed and delicate sketches and scenes inspired by Roman and Greek architecture.

Stork Sky Print

Featured across art deco for fashion and interior design, the Stork Sky print is a striking SS22 print.

Stork Lipstick Print

The Stork Lipstick print has been inspired by Storks and Cranes featured in art deco for fashion and interior design.

Explore our full range of One Hundred Stars clothing to complement your loungewear, casual and holiday looks.