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Designers to Know: MOA Master of Arts

The MOA concept was born in Florence in 2013, when a group of young designers from different cultures were united by their passion for art. Innovation and unconventional design are at the centre of the Master of Arts brand and this is showcased in their collections of contemporary footwear.

  Master of Arts shoes are designed to be wearable works of art, with creativity and artistic inspiration being the driving force behind the brand. Their sneakers are fun and distinctive, featuring bold designs and vibrant colours as well as additional designer detailing such as embroidery and sequined patches. MOA also collaborate with other artists and brands to create iconic trainers featuring exclusive artwork or emblems from popular culture, as exhibited in the incredibly popular Disney x MOA ranges.

MOA Master of Arts blends fine Italian craftsmanship and urban style, bringing graphic art to casual footwear to create refreshing pieces meant for everyday wear. As modernity and urban sophistication meet in an explosion of design and technology, it is evident that the brand’s creativity knows no bounds. In their bid to transmit art through contemporary fashion, this stylish Italian brand has created a stunning range of unconventional footwear and we can’t wait to to see what they bring us next.

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