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Designers To Know: Crime London

Crime London is a vintage inspired, handmade footwear brand that focuses on creating extraordinary, yet wearable trainers. Being a company of rich history for four generations, Kistermann family has held a diverse range of global businesses with spectacular reputations. In 2012 the company decided to create its own brand that was then taken over by the sisters Lisa and Jessica Kistermann who combined traditional family aesthetics with modern, avant-garde grunge characteristics.

“Our collections are all about zips, trims and blends of diverse materials”

Inspired by the sounds and vibes of London’s underground districts, the brand embraces the alternative and edgy rock scene of Shoreditch, Camden Town. Emphasizing the style of East London, the brand holds an ambition of staying youthful, dynamic and cool, whilst delivering footwear that is suitable for all ages; for people that dare to stand out and are not afraid of being “uncool”. Revisiting old timeless values, Crime London creates a production that transmits the sensation of life experience.

“Groove is a rhythm, a sensual pleasure, involvement, a mix of cool & funky.”

Delivering supreme quality designs and unseen details; not to mention the usage of premium materials and resources, Crime London approaches music, art, feelings and experiences in an exceptional way. Cool and funky, the brand detains close to being a brand of clarity, enhancing and accenting cool lifestyles whilst always referencing back to the rhythm of time. Edgy designs are often accentuated with distinctive zips, enhancements and textures that allow the brand to be divergent. Repeatedly incorporating contrasts and controversial combinations, Crime London showcases unique aesthetics that come through their phenomenal and individual footwear.

“One day you’re in the posh jet-set, the second after you’re exploring the grimy thug’s life.”

Being successful from the very first season, the brand has been growing in rapid success and acknowledgement throughout six seasons over the past three years. The growth then led to the brand now being distributed throughout the whole Europe, Japan and some countries in the Middle East. Crime London is now ready to enter the markets of USA, Canada and Korea.

“It’s all about old Hollywood glamour but in a ripped t-shirt kinda way.”

Not only is Crime London acknowledged for their impeccable footwear collections, they also use strictly natural materials and dyes. Sustainability is something that the brand feels the importance of and showcases it in their work by using dyeing techniques that use naturally derived pigments making it less harmful to the environment; by preventing toxic chemicals entering the water and our system. Not only the brand sources sustainable materials with the planet taken in mind, Crime London also stands by safe and humane working conditions meaning that your shoes from Crime London are radically foolproof.

We are enchanted to bring you the impeccable footwear collection from Crime London; the brand with an edgy aesthetic and wearable appeal embracing diversity and strong values.