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Classically British brands – A style guide

When we think of classic British brands, the first things that come to mind are Rolls Royce, Cadbury’s and Tetley tea, but British fashion is a whole other ball game.

Iconic British style guides are centred around brands like Burberry, Lock & Co, Asprey, Pringle, and Harrods, that elevate the essence of classic, elegant style. 

As with any country’s quintessential style, a well put together ensemble requires an element of intelligent and thoughtful styling.

Using British style guides to learn about pairing and co-ordinating multiple items to achieve an overall put-together and elegant look, will enable you to carry out the classic British dress, with a select number of high-quality British brands, many of which we stock.

The Classic British brands you need to know about:

Paul Smith: Bright and bold colours are the pinnacle of Paul Smith’s collections over the years. With an electric London style, this classic British brand has been making waves in the fashion industry since the first shop opened in 1970 and can now be found around the world.

Vivienne Westwood Men’s: A leader in the movement of fashion and well-renowned for her bold designs, Vivienne Westwood has developed an internationally recognised British fashion brand that, to this day, carries on delivering collections across menswear and womenswear in line with its bold and beautiful roots.

Barbour: With collections that cater for all genders, ages and lifestyles, Barbour truly made its mark on the British fashion brand sector when it opened up its collection for sale in the Market Place in South Shields in 1894. With several classic pieces that last the test of time (Barbour Wax Jackets), there is no doubt this brand is here to stay.

Belstaff: Founded in 1924, and with a strong history in motorcycle clothing, Belstaff have been at the forefront of Bristish fashion for over 90 years. With a range of premium menswear clothing, the brand combines traditional techniques with contemporary design.

Not only do we stock several classic British brands, but a catalogue of internationally recognised names that have made extraordinary movements in fashion. Browse our full range of fashion brands.