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A Sit Down With Lofina’s Sisse Svenninggard

Lofina is a family-run shoe brand that was founded by husband and wife Lise-Lotte and Morten Svenniggard in 1996.

After stocking Lofina shoes since 2018 here at Jules B, we were thrilled to delve deeper and gain some insight into the brand, as well as Sisse Svenninggard’s (Lise-Lotte and Morten’s daughter) thoughts and feelings about what Lofina means to their family and how they wish their customers to feel whilst wearing their Lofina shoes.

Sisse, can you give us an introduction to Lofina?

“Lofina Shoes is a family-driven business. As a family business, from the design to the construction of the boots/shoes, discussions on colours of leather and soles are all talked about within the Lofina family. Our Lofina family is made up of our Italian family owned factory, leather supplier, our Danish office team, worldwide agents and of course our valued customers.

We care about the product we sell, the way it is made and the people who help us throughout the process. An important factor is that we keep our signature handwriting so that the Lofina look is recognisable from season to season and throughout the world.”

What was the driving force for the beginning of Lofina?

“My Mother (Lisse-Lotte) and Father (Morten) met while studying the craftsmanship of shoes, there was a connection of love, but also a future idea was born for the brand of Lofina. We wanted to make great looking footwear that were also the most comfortable. It can sound a bit strange, but it is actually not easy to find these two factors combined in one shoe.”

How are your family values communicated through each collection?

“Family values are very important to us, and we wish to show this through the brand so that the customer always wants to choose Lofina.

Often over a family meal my mother (Lise-Lotte) and sister (Sofie) are creating new ideas for the collections and only my sister and I model in any of our marketing campaigns.”

What does fashion mean to you (Sisse)?

“Fashion for me means expression. It is the way we want to present ourselves to the outside world.

The fashion industry can pinpoint ideas and give us lines, but really the whole picture is drawn by the people wearing it.

Therefore, it is also very important for me that the shoes we are making is shoes we want to wear ourselves.”

What was the inspiration behind the Lofina SS22 collection?

“Black and sand – chunky soles (we just can’t help us selves) – vivid colours for highlighting – padded leather straps.”

How do you wish your customers to feel whilst wearing a pair of Lofina shoes?

“I want them to feel comfortable while walking through life with strength and positivity. Lofina gives that confidence to its wearer”

What is your favourite style of Lofina shoes to date?

“Oh this is a hard question. I am not sure I can point out one style only.

But my favourite upper leather is a mid to calves-length lace-up military boot with Velcro closure on top. We did this upper on many different soles over the years, and it just has so much power to it.

My favourite sole is the Wadena chunky sole. This is used for both winter and summer seasons.

It has a great chunky expression and is super light and a bit bouncy to walk in.”

Can you give us a hint of what to expect for your AW22 collection?

“More chunky – more funky – vivid red and electric blue – smooth black – powerful as ever.”

Finally, how would you describe Lofina in three words?

“Powerful, grounded, and familiar.”