9 Wardrobe Gems to Hunt in the Black Friday Sale


Black Friday, followed swiftly by Cyber Monday, is a significant mark on the bargain hunter’s calendar. There’s those who wait all year to get their hands on a new kitchen appliance, switch up their skincare regimen or give their home a makeover. It’s also a big date for the fashion crowd. A time when a plethora of branded items boast competitive prices for a limited time only. 

Now, nobody likes sensible shopping. However, spending on the first thing that catches your eye could lead to a series of poor decisions, and an empty bank account with nothing to show for it. For the fashion conscious, the sales are prime time to splash out on investment pieces while saving big. It’s about playing the long game, building up a precious collection of pieces you’ll wear for years to come. 

So, how can you get the most out of sales shopping? Keep reading to find out, and discover the investment pieces to shop when Black Friday comes around. 

The Secret to Shopping the Sale Like a Pro

When temptation is all around, it’s important to keep a clear head to prevent getting swept up in the sales. That way, you can make smart choices that leave you with a strong collection of long-lasting pieces. Here are three simple tips to help you shop the sale like a pro.

Create a wish list

The best way to shop the sales sustainably is to give the process some thought. In our opinion, making a list is the best advice. With a checklist of key items, you can stay on track and avoid going rogue. Think about the pieces you’ve longed for all year, but couldn’t justify buying at the time. A good wish list will include key investment pieces that tend to cost more but become lifelong staples. These typically include coats, jackets, bags and shoes from high-end brands, with a higher price tag. Ultimately, your list is about narrowing down what you actually want and need, and prioritising quality over quantity.  

Take your time (but not too long)

It’s easy to panic buy when there’s a sense of urgency in the Black Friday air. But taking a moment to think about your purchase before hitting the buy button could mean spending your money on meaningless trends. In moments of doubt, revert back to your list. Is the item something you’ve been pining for? Could it potentially replace another item on your wish list? These are a few questions to consider. Of course, there’s a difference between panic buying and leaving it so long that the sale ends. Wait too long, and you’re back to square one.

Consider your current wardrobe

With sales comes the temptation to buy things you’d never usually consider. And while it can be a good time to experiment with your style, beware of allowing the sale tag to cloud your vision of what you’re actually buying. For example, you might be quick to buy something that you’ll only wear once, or not at all. If it’s completely different to your usual style, it might not work with the pieces you already own. Before you know it, you’re having to splash out on a whole new outfit just to incorporate your quirky find. 

A good thinking point is to consider if the item in question will work with your existing pieces. Will it match your favourite jeans, staple skirt or your office trousers? Can you alternate it with the outfits you return to time and time again?

9 Investment Pieces for Your Black Friday Wish List

So you’re sitting down to write your list in a bid to get hold of some worthwhile pieces. What exactly should you be looking out for? Well, everybody’s wish list is personal, but there are a handful of essentials that many of us can benefit from buying in the sale. Look out for these wardrobe gems.

1. A wool coat

A well-made coat of the wool variety tends to come with a higher price point, and rightly so. Perhaps the ultimate investment piece, a strong coat will last for many winters to come. And when you buy one you really love, you’ll cherish it forever. 

2. Good-quality denim

In need of a new pair of jeans? Now is the time to buy quality, trusty denim that you can wear with everything, again and again. Look for fits that you feel comfortable in, that flatter your shape and pair easily with your footwear collection. 

3. A chic blazer

If there’s one piece of clothing that transcends seasons, it’s a blazer. It works hard from day to night, from spring to winter, with jeans, shorts, dresses and everything in between. To get the most wear, always opt for something chic that takes you from the office to evening drinks.

4. Cashmere knits

The dreamiest of wools, cashmere is a luxury addition to any wardrobe. Because it’s so delightfully soft, it’s priced accordingly. Therefore, Black Friday is a good time to fill your collection with the knitwear pieces you’ve been dreaming of.

5. A premium shirt

Shirts are the foundation of a capsule wardrobe, and that means you need to source shirts that will last. Upgrade your current collection with superior fabrics like silk and organic cotton. It might seem a bit of a basic choice, but there’s nothing nicer than slipping on a crisp shirt with everything from jeans to suits. 

6. Winter boots

Fewer belongings see you through the rain and snow like a robust pair of boots. Go for comfort and style to conquer boot season, with materials that keep your toes warm and dry. It’s an investment choice you won’t regret.

7. Party shoes

Even if they only come out once a year, it’s good to have a reliable pair of dressy shoes you can count on. Whether it’s a black stiletto, a nude sandal or a stud-decorated boot, a decent pair of party footwear will serve you well when those obligatory dates on the calendar arrive.

8. An iconic bag

Made with love, purpose and quality craftsmanship, a designer bag can be a big financial investment. But if you can get it with a discount, it’s a win win! 

9. Stunning jewellery

Has your jewellery seen better days? Perhaps you just want to elevate your look with some new pieces. Well, jewellery is a major investment opportunity to spot in the Black Friday sale. From the pared-back to the sparkling, there’s plenty to take your fancy. 

Are you ready to purchase the pieces you’ve been pining for? Shop the full Black Friday sale now.

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