The Coat Code: Outerwear to Wear Now

Sandbanks AW23
Sandbanks AW23

As much as you might be clinging on to summer, coat season has arrived. With the sudden shift in temperatures, there’s little choice but to give in and wrap up well. And the best way to overcome the summer blues? Invest in a handsome new coat.

It’s great to have that one coat you return to year after year, but there are a few outerwear staples that every man should own. A collection of coats, no matter how small, allows you to switch up your style while adhering to the weather forecast. And with so many models available for autumn/winter, you’ll have no problem finding a new wardrobe staple. 

When crafting your coat wishlist, consider the classics that will never become outdated. Here are our top picks.

The boyish bomber

The bomber jacket is capable of combining sophistication and sporty, making it a flexible style you can wear with weekend jeans and office wear alike. Practicality-wise, how suited to the weather your bomber jacket is depends on the fabrics and level of padding you go for. Lightweight wool works fine over a chunky jumper on a sunny autumn morning, while a bomber engineered with padding is the better choice for days when the temperature drops again. Either way, the bomber jacket guarantees low-profile cool.

The protective parka

Parkas are popular for a reason. Not only do they suit everyone, but they’re made with weather-protective measures in place. These long coats tend to come with plenty of insulation, designed purposefully to trap in the warmth and shield from the cold. And of course the star component and what makes a parka instantly recognisable is the hood. The typical hood has a fur trim, but many come without. Either way, the parka’s hood is there for shelter when rain hits, or to block the cold breeze from hitting the face and head. 

The smart overcoat

Only an overcoat can achieve that gentlemanly aesthetic with such little effort. It offers a touch of formality in a mature-cool way, pulling together even the simplest of outfits. And because the overcoat is clean and unfussy, it lends itself to just about any dress code. Wear it from the office to the bar, with a suit, shirt and trousers, or your favourite jeans and tee combo. Look for luxe fabrics like cosy cashmere or traditional tweed and explore the range of patterns available, from herringbone to Prince of Wales checks.

The worldly wax

Often associated with rural attire, the wax jacket is a staple that’s just as perfect for a city stroll as it is a country walk. Moreover, the wax jacket is ideal for transeasonal dressing. It works as a transition piece between the end of summer and autumn, while in winter it serves as a water-resistant and windproof layering piece. So while it’s not the warmest outerwear choice, simply style a cosy knit or sweatshirt below and you’re good to go. 

The elegant blazer

Not quite a coat, but the blazer is a year-round staple that’s earned itself a place in this list. Suited for both indoor and outdoor wear, the blazer is a favourite for adding another layer, plenty of texture and perfect tailoring. Robust designs crafted from heavy wools and corduroy work well over multiple layers, especially knitwear and denim shirts. Then there’s the chic blazers in luxurious velvet or silk you can substitute for evening jackets.

The punchy puffer

Lastly, the puffer coat is your saviour when it really gets cold. These signature quilted coats and jackets are made with warmth in mind, mostly made with insulating materials, such as duck or goose feathers, although many modern pieces use synthetic fibres. Regardless, the puffer, short or long, is characterised by its big, poofy silhouette. No need to layer up, you can count on the puffer to serve you in the cold despite what’s beneath it.

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