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Wild by Hipanema

Wild by Hipanema is more than a clothing line; it's a vibrant celebration of adventure and free-spirited living, inviting fashion enthusiasts to embrace the joy of maximalist style. With its unique use of recycled satin and viscose, the brand not only spices up everyday wear but also makes a statement in support of a more sustainable and nature-inspired lifestyle.

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Unveiling the Spirit of Wild by Hipanema

In the realm of fashion, where every piece narrates a story, Wild by Hipanema stands out as an iconic brand that encapsulates the essence of adventure and free-spirited living. The brand, known for its vibrant and playful creations, takes fashion enthusiasts on a journey through landscapes and wildlife, inviting them to embrace the wild side of life.

The Founding Friends: Delphine and Jenny

Wild Hipanema is not just a clothing line; it's a lifestyle born from the minds of founding friends Delphine and Jenny. Their vision was to create something unique and characterful, reflecting the essence of a free and joyful spirit. The brand's name itself, Wild, suggests a departure from the ordinary, an exploration into the realms of the wild and untamed.

Unleashing the Wild Clothing Collection

At the heart of Wild by Hipanema lies a collection of ready-to-wear women's clothing that epitomises the spirit of adventure. From shirts and blouses, to versatile scarves, every piece is designed to spice up your wardrobe and reflect your personality. The clothing line is a celebration of the feminine and the practical, combining the joy of vibrant colours with the comfort of well-thought-out designs.

A Maximalist Approach to Style

Wild by Hipanema doesn't shy away from bold choices. The brand is synonymous with a maximalist approach, where excess is celebrated, and prints and patterns come to life. The clothing is not just about what you wear; it's about making a statement and embracing a lifestyle that's edgy, vibrant, and unapologetically wild.

The Exotic Touch: Recycled Satin and Viscose

What sets Wild by Hipanema apart is its commitment to the environment. The brand infuses an exotic touch into its clothing line by using recycled satin and viscose. This not only adds a unique character to the clothing but also aligns with the brand's ethos of celebrating nature and wildlife.

Illustrations that Speak of Nature's Energy

The clothing line is adorned with playful illustrations that narrate stories of nature's energy. From exotic wildlife to breath-taking landscapes, each piece carries a part of the wild, allowing the wearer to connect with the untamed beauty of the world. It's not just about fashion; it's about a connection with the world around us.

Embrace the Wild: Spice Up Your Everyday

Wild by Hipanema invites you to embrace the wild within. Whether you are stepping into the urban jungle or exploring the serene beaches, let your clothing speak the language of adventure. The brand encourages you to break free from the ordinary and infuse your everyday life with the spirit of the wild. It's not just clothing; it's a lifestyle that celebrates the colourful, the joyful, and the free.