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Veronica Beard: Redefining Contemporary American Fashion

Veronica Beard, founded in 2010 by the dynamic sisters-in-law Veronica Miele Beard and Veronica Swanson Beard, stands as an icon of contemporary American fashion. The brand has evolved into a powerhouse, redefining classics with a multifaceted approach that seamlessly blends cool and tailored styles. From impeccable jackets, to tailored trousers, and famous Dickeys, Veronica Beard clothing is celebrated for its best-fitting designs that resonate with the modern, empowered woman.

The Vision and Founding Sisters-in-law

Veronica Beard was born out of a singular vision shared by Veronica Miele Beard and Veronica Swanson Beard. Recognising a gap in the market for versatile, flattering, and well-tailored clothing, they set out to create a brand that celebrated the essence of contemporary women. Their combined expertise and complementary skills contributed to the foundation of a label that has become synonymous with reinvented classics.

#VBGIVESBACK: Celebrating Women Through Partnership

Veronica Beard goes beyond crafting stylish clothing; it is a brand with a purpose. Under the hashtag #VBGIVESBACK, the label emphasises its commitment to celebrating women by partnering with non-profit charities that support women, children, and families. Through these collaborations, the label contributes to causes that resonate with its values, making a positive impact on communities and individuals.

The Contemporary Appeal

Veronica Beard's success lies in its ability to effortlessly blend the classic with the contemporary. The brand's designs are a celebration of the modern woman's multifaceted life, offering clothing that seamlessly transitions from day to night. The tailored silhouettes are not just fashion; they are a statement of empowerment and confidence.

From boardroom-ready blazers to casual-chic hoodies, Veronica Beard clothing is a testament to the brand's commitment to versatility. The pieces are designed to be the building blocks of a wardrobe that effortlessly adapts to the ever-changing demands of a woman's lifestyle. Each garment is a reinvention of the classic, embodying the spirit of the brand's founders.

Jules B: Leading Veronica Beard UK Stockists

In the United Kingdom, Jules B proudly stands as one of the leading Veronica Beard stockists, offering a curated selection of the brand's finest pieces. As a fashion destination known for its discerning taste and commitment to offering the best in contemporary style, Jules B aligns seamlessly with Veronica Beard's ethos.

Jules B is not merely a purveyor of fashion; it is a curator of experiences, ensuring that each piece resonates with the discerning tastes of its clientele. From blazers that exude sophistication to jackets that make a statement, Jules B brings the best of Veronica Beard fashion to the UK, offering a curated collection that captures the essence of the brand's fashion-forward approach.

The Veronica Beard Discount Code at Jules B

As a testament to their commitment to celebrating women, Jules B provides fashion enthusiasts with an exclusive opportunity to experience Veronica Beard at a discounted rate. By using the Veronica Beard discount code 'NEW' at checkout, customers can enjoy a 10% discount on new season styles. This not only adds a touch of affordability to the impeccable designs but also opens the door for fashion enthusiasts to embrace the versatility of Veronica Beard without compromising on style.