Zodiac Illustrations by Katy Smail

Brooklyn based illustration artist Katy Smail has recently designed a series of images exhibiting each of the twelve zodiac figure in the artists’ distinct and vibrant approach. Smail has innovatively interpreted the enchanted creatures in playful scenes of decorative florals and contemporary patterns, demonstrating the artistic flare expressed in the collective works of the illustrator.

Born in the liberating Scottish countryside, Katy studied Illustration at Edinburgh College of Art before graduating with a first class (hons) degree and pursuing her career as a fashion writer and illustrator in London. She currently resides in Brooklyn, New York City, where she continues to paint in the company of her plants and pet cat. Here, she experiments further with fashion drawings, spirited collages and various prints suited to her unique illustrative style.

For further information on Kat Smail and the full set of horoscope designs, visit her professional website at:

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