FIFA™ World Cup Final 2014

Its finally here! After four gruelling weeks of football, the lows and the epic highs, this Sunday will host the 2014 FIFA™ World Cup final. A match created for warriors, as the world’s gaze centres on Brazil, the Titans of modern day football will battle it out for the title. But who would have expected the fight to be between Germany and Argentina? As the host nation fell on Tuesday at the hands of the German team, Argentina rocked to victory on Wednesday against the grand ol’ Orange, Holland. As we gear up for the epic final, let’s have a look at the iconic moments of the two matches.

Brazil 1 – 7 Germany

Wednesday night saw the record books change forever as Germany stormed to victory over the host nation’s team Brazil. In an epic 18 minutes the German side scored an astonishing 5 goals  for a final overall score of 7-1. Some have joked that ‘Football was a game played in two halves… and then the Germans won’. The dry humour does nothing to mask the sheer horror that many photo journalists captured after the defeat. As Brazil let go of it’s World Cup dreams, the country looked on stunned and humiliated.

Holland 0 – 0 Argentina (Argentina won 4-2 on penalties)

The second semi final match took on a different flavour as both teams fought tirelessly to gain an advantage, despite extra-time the final went to penalties with a grand win for Latin American team Argentina.  The result finds Argentina set to take on Germany for the final and media coverage has suggested that if Argentina are to win it will be the last slice of humiliation for Brazil, talk about taking the biscuit!

Only time will tell where these final four teams will slide into the rankings, but one thing is for certain, it’s sure to be an exciting weekend if the semi finals are anything to go by. So be sure to gather the family, ready the barbecue and set up the TV for a weekend of momentous proportions. The World Cup final is here!


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