Why Designer Clothes Are Worth the Investment

why designer clothes are worth the investment
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When drawing a comparison between designer and fast fashion, luxury is something that will set you apart from the crowd. At a time when it’s so easy to buy cheap clothing and accessories, it can be difficult to justify the high price tag associated with buying designer clothes. Yet the cost per wear, quality of the pieces and sustainability of designer clothing makes the investment completely worth it.

Luxury brands operate based on seasons rather than short trend cycles and it’s not uncommon to see haute couture being translated into trends you may see on the high street. Luxury brands pioneer fashion trends which then trickle down into fast fashion pieces, but nothing beats the timeless durability of the real deal. With design and integrity being at the forefront of luxury fashion houses, these ideals will define your curated style.

At Jules B, we pride ourselves on offering unique and timeless luxury pieces that will serve as wardrobe staples for seasons to come. We have established a brand that emphasises the curation of luxe essentials, so allow us to tell you seven reasons why purchasing designer clothing is worth your money and where you can find stunning designer pieces to suit your needs.

Why Buy Designer Clothes?

1) Better Quality & Construction

One of the main reasons to buy designer clothes is that quality is guaranteed. Unlike mass-produced fast fashion, designer clothes are built to hold their shape and last for many seasons to come, with pieces expertly crafted using the finest materials.

All the way down to the cut and fit of the garment, luxury brands elevate everyday essentials while being rooted in integrity. Alongside expert tailoring and quality comes durability, with designer pieces far less likely to fall apart than fast fashion items designed to be worn twice and then thrown away

While design and quality are at the core of designer clothing, this isn’t the only reason to shop designer. As you’ll see, there are several other advantages to spending that bit extra on luxury pieces that last.

2) Timeless versus Trendy

The 20-year fashion cycle is well known in the industry, with garments reminiscent of 70’s hippie style or 90’s grunge featuring on contemporary catwalks. However, due to recent developments in the industry such as the advent of online shopping and social media influence, trend cycles are getting shorter and microtrends are disappearing off our feeds as fast they arrive. On the flip side, luxury silhouettes stand the test of time, with iconic prints such as Burberry’s Nova Check remaining stylish.

Despite high fashion designs being the inspiration for many trends that emerge in the fast fashion realm, the combination of timeless design and fantastic quality found in luxury pieces means styles can be worn over and over again while maintaining their classically elegant status. Choosing a timeless piece can also enhance your personal style and act as a building block in your wardrobe, with designer clothes becoming your go-tos when constructing the perfect outfit.

Want to know more about why fashions change over time? Check out our guide to the trends making a comeback.

3) Show Off Your Individuality

One of the great things about luxury goods is that there is a wide variety of pieces that can help you curate your perfect look. Whether you’re looking for a statement piece to dress up your outfits or a wardrobe essential that perfectly represents your personal style, designer clothes will enable you to add a special touch to your ensembles.

With designer clothes released on a limited run with less stock, you’re more likely to sport a unique and distinctive piece when compared to cheap, mass-produced fast fashion items. Embracing your individuality also means straying away from microtrends and focusing on what really makes you feel and look like you. Thanks to the unique and long-lasting pieces found in designer collections, you’ll be able to express your personality through fashion with ease.

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4) More Sustainable

You’ll get much more use out of a higher-quality designer piece than a low-quality fast fashion product. Luxury goods made from high-grade materials – with prices reflecting the labour and production cost that’s gone into them – are no doubt more sustainable than fast fashion items. The quality of the product also means it will last longer so there’s no need to buy a replacement every few months. 

Fast fashion has received much negative press in the past decade on everything from appalling factory conditions to excess textile waste, so purchasing luxury goods can be a more ethical way to consume fashion. Luxury fashion houses are increasingly on a sustainability push, which means that the actual production processes behind creating designer clothes are becoming more ethical and responsible. Luxury brands increasingly prioritise the fair treatment and pay of garment workers, the use of high-quality, responsibly sourced materials and more sustainability initiatives. By buying designer clothing and accessories, you’ll be doing yourself and the environment a favour.

5) Reduced Impulse Buying

While nothing beats a bit of retail therapy, the higher price tag that comes with luxury goods encourages keeping items in your closet for longer. You’re more likely to keep wearing items you saved up to purchase, especially if it’s something you’ve been wanting to invest in for some time. 

Since designer brands put out new collections according to seasons, there is less of an incentive to purchase items incessantly, unlike with shorter fast fashion cycles in which products are released daily. Designer clothes purchases include a level of deliberation, allowing you to put emphasis on products that you really desire. 

Reduced impulse buying results from an amalgamation of the reasons stated above. When you invest in high-quality products suited perfectly to your personal style, there will be less need to constantly update your wardrobe with trend-led pieces. 

6) Exclusivity

There is no doubt that when purchasing luxury goods, you are buying into a brand and the essence of exclusivity. When wearing a high-end piece, you walk around with the knowledge that only a select few may know you’re wearing a luxury piece (unless the logo is emblazoned across it!).

Not only that, but the designer brands you choose to wear market themselves as exclusive, with limited collections and exquisite items showcasing unique qualities unreplicable in fast fashion. Instead of opting for a cheaply produced fast fashion item that thousands of people may have, it pays to feel extra special in a designer piece that boosts your confidence and feels meant for you. Buying less but buying better will add an exclusivity factor to your wardrobe.

7) Support for Creative Talent

Donning designer clothes means investing in the artwork of an esteemed creator rather than wearing a poorly made high street knock-off. Not only are you guaranteed quality and bespoke craftsmanship from designer clothing, but you’ll be wearing the creative embodiment of a designer which you can style in your own way to create a unique look.

There are several reasons why luxury goods and designer clothes are a worthwhile investment, from their outstanding quality and durability to their distinctive designs that allow for self-expression. The ability to buy luxury items is a privilege and one that is certainly worth the investment.

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Where to buy designer clothes

Now you know why you should invest in luxury pieces, let us tell you where you can purchase your favourite items. Whether you prefer the immersive in-store shopping experience or the convenience of browsing endless options with just a click, we’ll outline the advantages of each to help you determine which method best suits your needs.

Buying designer clothes is a spectacle in itself and there’s no better way to experience that than in person. Going to a flagship, department store or boutique and browsing a selection of pieces in real life can give you a better idea of what you’d like to add to your wardrobe. There is also the added benefit of being able to try on pieces and have a feel of the fabric so you can determine how good it will look.

If you’re looking for easy returns and a wide variety of products to choose from, online shopping may be the right option for you. As well as buying directly from the brands you love, you can also purchase carefully curated pieces from online boutiques and discover new brands along the way. Shopping at an independent retailer like Jules B means you can choose from a range of handpicked pieces from the designers you love.

5 Luxury Items That Are Worth the Money

If you’re thinking about buying designer clothes or accessories for the first time, you might be wondering which pieces are most worth the investment. Building a personal style is all about selecting pieces you’ll love to wear for many seasons, particularly when spending a bit more money on luxury items.

To get the most out of your designer purchases, opt for items with timeless silhouettes that can be worn throughout several seasons. It’s also worth investing in garments made from the highest quality fabrics like wool, linen, cotton and cashmere. Let us guide you through some staple pieces that are always a worthwhile investment.


A classic blazer is an essential layering piece that can be worn year-round depending on the fabric you choose.

Full front shot of model wearing a black suit, sunglasses and handbag.

For her: During the winter months, don the Anine Bing wool classic blazer to pull together any outfit. Featuring a boxy fit for an elevated twist on the traditional blazer, this style brings a bold look to a timeless closet essential. To switch things up for the summer, the Zadig & Voltaire ‘Violet’ Linen Mix blazer is ideal for breezy days in the sunshine. This piece features multiple pockets and epaulettes for a structured silhouette.

For him: The blazer is a quintessential menswear item, a designer piece that transcends seasons. During the winter months, the JOOP! Hakeem blazer made of 100% wool will keep you warm while sporting a flattering slim fit. For warmer days, opt for a cotton blazer such as the Hackett nautical dogtooth blazer — the perfect option to make a statement in the summertime. 

Button-down Shirts

The button-down shirt is an essential for every occasion. Whether it’s a polished office ensemble, a formal look for an event or a casual piece to throw on with jeans, the button-down has you covered.

Mid front shot of a model wearing a white button-down shirt and blue jeans.

For her: Get worth for wear with a white button-down shirt such as the Yaccomaricard pintuck shirt — a contemporary twist on the classic white button-down. Suitable for any occasion and crafted from 100% cotton, it’s a year-round staple. For a vibrant summer option, try the Wild Bonaventure Ladyroller shirt, which adds a splash of colour to your poolside outfits and keeps you cool and comfortable with its lightweight fabric.

Mid 3/4 shot of a male model wearing a blue and white stripe button-down shirt and chinos.

For him: Look sharp at your next work meeting with an Eton shirt, available in plenty of different designs to help you enhance your personal style. We recommend the Dobby Shirt for a seamless suited up style. A solid collection of button-down shirts for every occasion is essential for any menswear wardrobe, acting as the perfect foundation to build stylish outfits with. In the summertime, a linen button-down should be your go-to — this Hackett Bengal striped shirt is a timeless option to kickstart your collection.


There’s nothing better than a soft and cosy jumper for when you’re feeling chilly. Designer pieces are made of the highest quality wool and cashmere to keep you feeling toasty on a cold day, and a jumper is a staple layering piece available in a wide variety of styles. Whether you want a pullover, crew-neck, zip detail or a turtle neck, you’re sure to find your perfect fit.

Mid shot of a female model wearing the blue OSKA Almaa Wool Cashmere jumper.

For her: For a modern look, the OSKA wool-cashmere jumper is an ideal throw-on for off-duty days. Featuring an oversized fit and a plethora of design details for an elevated look, this piece is a must-have upgrade for your wardrobe. For a more traditional look, the comfortable cashmere turtleneck from Van Kukil is a soft and feminine addition to your wardrobe, featuring ribbed trims and a raw-edge seam for a contemporary finish.

Mid 3/4 shot of a male model wearing a navy crewneck jumper from Belstaff.

For him: Designs for men have a wide range of neckline options. The classic crewneck jumper from Belstaff is an ideal addition if you’re looking for a wardrobe basic rooted in quality and durability. For a more modern finish, the Thomas Maine half-zip jumper features metal hardware and is crafted in ultra-soft merino wool.


Your choice of footwear can make or break your entire outfit. Opting for luxury shoes often means you’ll get a more comfortable fit and you can trust that they won’t fall apart after only a few wears. There are endless options when it comes to buying designer shoes, but we’ve selected some formal styles below to help you put your best foot forward at your next big event.

For her: Opting for a sandal ensures endless versatility as they can easily be dressed up or down depending on the occasion. For a formal look you can opt for the ALOHAS Bellini sandals or you can strut into summer with espadrilles from Castaner. Casual flats look more elevated when they’re designer – check out Patrizia Bonfanti’s expertly designed sandals.

For him: Toss the trainers when you’re going for a smart look. Our wide range of dress shoes offers plenty of options to pair with your office looks or dressed-up outfits. Whether you want classic oxfords or derbys or would prefer the more unique style of a monk shoe, we have everything you could want in traditional black and brown hues.


Leather goods like handbags are one of the best designer investments. These functional and essential accessories not only elevate every outfit, but their cost per wear makes them well worth the investment. Selecting high-quality pieces encourages repeated wears and inspires creativity in your personal style. Why settle for a mass-produced pleather handbag when you can invest in a distinctive designer piece?

For her: Styling the latest Vivienne Westwood bags or the Marc Jacobs tote in a variety of colours will add flair to your personal style. A handbag provides practicality while being the finishing touch to complete an outfit.

For him: Choosing an accessory like a leather bag or backpack would be ideal for first-time designer buyers. Whether you prefer the barrel bags of Fred Perry or Campomaggi leather strikes your fancy, we have everything you need.

Ready to make a designer investment? Shop carefully curated luxury fashion online at Jules B.

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