Whisky Collins

Originating from the famous American hoax that made  ‘Tom Collins’ synonymous with a gin based cocktail, mixed with lemon juice, sugar and soda water.  This week have reminded us of the endless possibilities that stemmed from the ‘Have you seen Tom Collins?’ conversation that originated in New York in 1874.

Based on a joke that started by men sitting in a bar trying to convince a friend that  Tom Collins, a made up man, was in a bar around the corner bad-mouthing them; in the hope the friend would become so agitated and storm to the bar to confront them. Eventually barmen across New York  decided to play along and benefit themselves.  Seeing the hoax, that went as far as newspapers printing stories of false sightings, as a money making tool when anyone asked for Tom Collins they would unknowingly be ordering a gin based drink.

Today the ‘Great Tom Collins Hoax of 1874’ has made way for various ‘Collins’ inspired cocktails. Created using a variety of  different base liquors, in all interpretations there must be the signature sugar and sour components. For example, a Ron Collins is rum based and if Tequilla is your favourite, opt for a Juan Collins. Adaptable to appeal to everyone, it has become a classic.

Here Bonappetit share their take on the drink with a Whisky Collins recipe. Adding a different set of flavours by using Japanese Whisky for a more fruity undertone, instead of the traditional vanilla and oak flavours found in the Irish whisky of a Michael Collins. Try making your own or impress the bar staff with your knowledge at your favourite cocktail spot this weekend.

JulesB | JulesBOnline