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Race Day Key Trends

The race season is all about dapper looks, lace detailing, voluminous silhouettes and modest ensembles as well as show-stopping accessories that are sure to leave you looking unforgettable. Indulge in a glamorous day out where you can dress your best, sip champagne and enjoy your favourite racing event. From exquisite dresses, heels and stylish accessories to minimalist jewellery, extraordinary hats and sophisticated shoes, at our website you are sure to mix and match separates to recreate your own ensemble by taking inspiration from our fashionable edit. With a selection of key pieces including midi dresses, voluminous midi skirts, women’s suits and exceptionally glamorous heels, this trend edit is guaranteed to help you pick the perfect look for you. Enjoy a marvellous day out and turn heads whilst at it with our selection of key trends that guarantee you look your best.

Lacey Chic

Voluminous silhouettes, layered looks, chic jewellery and minimalist accessories are a core trend to a fashionable race day ensemble. Why not give it a twist by adding a touch of lace and ribbon trimming to add a contemporary charm to the traditional outfit? Our website offers a wide range of skirts and dresses fused with lace detailing and floral elements. Try our range of Self-Portrait midi dresses that fuse the label’s contemporary aesthetic with timeless elegance that will keep you looking feminine, yet allow you to showcase your true individuality through sultry cuts, distinctive silhouettes and the most exquisite lace and ribbon highlights. To complete the look, pair with minimalist accessories such as clutch bags and heels that will effortlessly balance the alternative edge known to Self-Portrait.

Traditional Glam

A classic race day outfit is known to incorporate fur detailing, statement accessories, sleek leather gloves and oversized clutches. The pencil skirt is a perfect way to exude professionally sophisticated look that is both feminine and ultra modest, thanks to its figure flattering silhouette and feminine midi length. Signature pumps are an excellent finishing touch to maintain a minimalist look with an edge, explore our fur coats range to find a layer that will keep you warm and showcase the timeless look that has been trending through centuries. Why not give a contemporary twist to this traditional look by incorporating sleek bodycon dresses?

Feminine Suit

A comfortable yet chic option, trousers are a feminine addition for those who prefer a tailored look. Aim for natural colourways to maintain a modest look that is sure to turn heads effortlessly. Wide leg trousers are an excellent choice to achieve an ultra-glam finish – look for our formal trousers range to find the perfect style most suitable for you, and why not complete this look with a striking blazer and some ultra sleek sandals? Its minimalist look will effortlessly glam you up and add timeless sophistication, whilst the overall silhouette will create an illusion of taller shape. For more professional sophistication explore our Solace London range.

Contemporary Lustre

For contemporary ladies, a pop of modern prints, cuts and silhouettes are an excellent option to create a new racing fashion trend. With a touch of feminine florals and natural tones, this trend is perfect for those who like minimalist simplicity. Balance your look by incorporating traditional accessories to achieve an ultra-charming glam. Why not try our range of shirts & blouses to team with our selection of skirts? Nude pumps are an ideal finishing touch, or for a fearless pop add the new-age metallics. With our selection of clutches you are sure to find the one to perfectly complete your glamorous attire. Look for Victoria Victoria Beckham to add contemporary charm that will leave you looking sleek and sophisticated.

One-Tone Charm

If you are into bright colour to really stand out, try a one-tone outfit. With a subtle incorporation of sophisticated pattern, this trend is a must for those who like a fearless pop. A two-piece look is ideal to recreate the tonal look with a plain off the shoulder top and the renowned midi drape skirt. Look for Alice and Olivia to find vivid separates that are both exceptionally elegant and just right for a show-stopping race day outfit. A fitted bodice and draped bottom silhouette is a key trend to every well-edited racing ensemble, always opt for fitted tops and high-waisted skirts that will effortlessly emphasise your figure and create an illusion of an hourglass shape. To balance the attire, aim for minimalist accessories in similar tones. For minimalist accessory inspiration look for our range of trilby and fedora hats to give a lustrous finishing touch to your ensemble.