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What To Wear: Fashion Blogger’s Summer Style

A British Summer is teeming with exciting places to go, here at Jules B we have been keeping you in the know on what to wear at the races, at festivals and on your much needed holidays. This time, we asked some of our favourite fashion bloggers to share their British Summer Style, and what they will be wearing to upcoming events this season.

We particularly loved this ‘Off To The Races’ look from Sarah Laird at Viva Epernay. With an upcoming trip to the Beeswing Ladies Day in Newcastle, Sarah put together a flawless outfit, from our Self Portrait, Sam Eldeman and Vivienne Westwood collections.

“Many of the pieces [at Jules B] encompass the key qualities I look for in my race day outfit”.

Her ensemble perfectly encapsulate the elite Jules B style. Focusing around the Self Portrait Azaelea dress, which her followers fell in love with, Sarah chose a selection of complementary accessories, like the statement Butterfly necklace and drop earrings, showcasing an elegant and personal style.

“Rather unconventionally, I don’t usually bother with a hat or headpiece for the races but I’d never forget to take a good pair of shades for those rare bursts of sunshine.”

The perfect Ladies Day outfit, Sarah has created a sleek and sophisticated look, with a hint of classic glamour, she is sure to be turning heads at the Newcastle Races. Inspired by Sarah’s look, we have pulled together a glamour infused ensemble from our new arrivals, this Alice + Olivia dress combines elegance with a playful print, as the Kendall and Kylie killer heels completes the sophisticated look.

Kayleigh Lindstedt, from I Dream Of Coco wants the ideal outfit for her trip to the South of France. Unprepared last year, she discovered our stunning accessory collections, with a Kris-Ana tote, Travaux en Cors straw hatButterfly bracelet and polished off by slipping on a pair of Alma en Pena sandals, Kayleigh won’t feel out of place this year in the beautiful Cannes’.

“I think this outfit would be both effortlessly cool yet smart enough to suit Monte Carlo Casino.”

For a luxury holiday, take I Dream Of Coco’s advice and revitalise your outfit with elegant accessories. A sleek silhouette which creates shape is the perfect base, whilst this Marc Jacobs Necklace brightens the look with a subtle charm, build on this look with more accessories or leave for a minimalist style.

Planning her whole holiday wardrobe, Natalie Ann from Up You Vlog, explored our range of tops, bottoms, dresses and accessories so she could pull together several different looks during her trip away. We love to see our clients create their own personal styles from our designer brand collections, Natalie channelled the off-the-shoulder trend in her mood boards for a truly current look.

“I cannot stress how much incredible clothing and accessories [there is at] Jules B.”

A flexible ensemble of sleek garments are essential on holiday, we have taken a tip from Natalie’s blog for this outfit. The Alice + Olivia lace tunic can be worn over these coated Paige trousers, a pencil skirt or pair of blue jeans for an array of occasions, slip on a pair of suede ankle boots to translate a chic aesthetic, or channel the urban trend with a pair of designer trainers.