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What To Wear: Dress Yourself Happy

Positive dressing, also known as ‘Dopamine Dressing’, is the new trend to improve our well-being. What does this mean? It is the simple idea that wearing fun clothes can uplift your mood, and the Jules B team couldn’t agree more. After a ‘rocky’ 2016, fashionistas are choosing to counter-balance an unsettled feeling with bright prints, vibrant colours and playful designs. We saw this clearly at Fashion Week with Giambattista Valli’s  chiffon belle dresses in buttercup yellow and candyfloss pink and Maison Margiela’s cartoonish faces, away from the catwalk we witnessed Victoria Beckham refresh her refined style with a baby pink skirt in crushed-velvet, whilst bold leopard-print boots became Alexa Chung’s firm favourite in footwear.

But we ask can we trust this method of fashion-therapy?  London College of Fashion psychologist, Carolyn Mair, believes so, but also that it is just as much about the clothes as it is about you; “when people believe in the symbolic meaning of their clothes, it can affect their cognitive processes (emotions).” We all have different connections to colours, shapes and words, while some may achieve cheerfulness through a La La Land yellow dress, other may feel happier head-to-toe in black. The top tip to dressing yourself happy; wear what you feel good in, and you are sure to reflect happiness to everyone.

So, whether you look to start the day smiling with a rainbow bag by your side or in a pair of dark killer heels, we have pulled together some happy-go-lucky pieces from the Jules B womenswear to make your spirits soar.

Bright and beautiful

Channel this fun-loving trend through a colourful ensemble, we have beautiful brights to cater for any occasion. The Solace London chiffon dress will be standout piece at your next formal-do, it drapes in blue with a bold flower print. Bring the sunshine out on rainy days with the Creenstone Citrine parka, it offers practicality and uncompromising style and creates a jolly outfit.

Fun in black

It’s not all doom and gloom, turn your black obsession into a message of unsuspected fun. Acclaimed for it’s playful nature, Vivetta Elefante trousers feature silhouetted faces on the pockets and are a great alternative to dull work-wear piece and introduce a glamorous edge with the Kendall and Kylie Eve suede heels, with a cute bow that sits on the ankle as a pretty touch.

Whimsical people

Introduce a quirky fashion friend to your look this season, such as Paul Smith’s Cockatoo shirt in bright coral it offers an androgynous look and playful attitude. Mix in a characterful accessory from Lulu Guinness’ Lips clutch bag to a Sophie Hulme charm, both know how to merge sophistication with a bit of amusement – who could say no to this?

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