Wenche Lise Fossland Origami Scenes

Never had such a simple use of resources proved to be so creative until the Japanese introduced the inventive art of origami – the process of folding paper sheets to resemble a desired object.

The origami produced by Wenche Lise Fossland showcases a series of miniature scenes focused particularly around animals and other forms of wildlife. Inspired by an origami lamp spotted on her travels to France, the Norwegian artist proceeded to train herself in the craft and constructed an array of beautifully quaint paper sculptures. Incorporating everyday objects to inspire an additional touch of personality, Fossland now has a successful business selling and exhibiting her charming designs via a popular Instagram blog.

Wench Lise Fossland – “I even look at the vegetables in the grocery store in a different way now… A fennel can be an exotic island and the broccoli has great potential to be tree material in my origami world.”