Wedding Trends 2013

Since we participated in a Wedding Fayre in Gateshead last weekend we’ve had wedding fever! And because we’re forever exploring and developing new trends in the fashion market, we can’t help but look at trends in the bridal market too. Wedding themes change and develop with personal preferences and interests, but every now and again a trend which everyone wants to follow crops up. In 2012 the noticeable trend was “DIY Shabby Chic” and wedding accessories were sweetly mis-matched and hosted in gardens and homes. However, we think 2013 will be the return of polished, elegant weddings, with plenty of gloss and champagne! Read on to find out what we think the big bridal trends of 2013 will be…

Prints Charming

The prints we would usually expect to see at a wedding would be minimal; maybe a few understated chevrons, maybe even a subtle stripe. But this year, we predict that Prince Charming will be making his walk down the aisle dressed as Prints Charming! Watch out for gingham, polka dots and paisley as they will be the prints to look out for this year on bow ties, cummerbunds and other wedding accessories. Little details like prints are great for ensuring the groomsmen tie in together as well as providing guests and engaged friends with ideas of their own. We love this fresh, playful trend which is sure to provide your wedding with a bright little detail which will be perfect if you have a spring or summer wedding booked. Keep your wedding co-ordinated by choosing a print theme early on and matching everything to it. Check out the Bow Tie section of the JulesB website for some print inspiration. Don’t forget we also offer a “made to measure” suit service at our Jesmond and Kendal mens formal stores where you can choose your own suit fabric and design and it will be perfectly tailored for you.

Ever since Kate Middleton wore Sarah Burton’s stunning wedding design to walk down the aisle to her Prince Charming, lace has been a huge wedding trend. The dress in question was an utterly unique, handmade creation featuring English and French Chantilly lace which was hand cut into flowers across the bodice to represent the four nations of the United Kingdom. The dress reminded brides everywhere of the elegance of lace and since has been a huge bridal trend. Delicate lace details and intricate patterns are what we predict for the brides of 2013! Choose a dress shape which flatters you by taking the opportunity to try everything in the shop on! Strapless, sleeveless, backless or bias cut, like soulmates there’s a perfect dress for everyone. Lace is perfect to add that extra detail to your chosen dress, over the bodice or etched on the veil, it’s effortlessly feminine and pure. Think of pink lips, tousled up-do’s and natural make up and you’ll be rushing out to try on every lace wedding dress in sight this year.

In the last few months we’ve seen a return to elegant dressing as inspired by Downton Abbey on the small screen and Anna Karenina and The Great Gatsby on the big screen. Who wasn’t completely blown away by Keira Knightley‘s wedding dress in Anna Karenina? Or Lady Mary’s in Downton Abbey? This trend has made its way from street style fashion to bridal couture. 2011 and 2012 saw the “shabby chic” trend take over, with little nick-nacks on reception tables and mismatching accessories displaying a DIY attitude. However, we think 2013 will see the return of elegance, glossy hair, formal receptions and old school glamour accessories. Think of intricate lace, off the shoulder styles, vintage costume jewellery and red lipstick and you’ll see where we’re coming from. Take the opportunity to see Carey Mulligan in The Great Gatsby for some inspiration and for a vintage style statement, wear a crystal embellished head band over loose wavy hair.

Birds have provided us with a few seasons of trends over the last couple of years, including a few feather inspired wedding themes. However, we think our feathered friends will hold a lot more influence over weddings in 2013, with anything from feather themed accessories to bird-caged floral arrangements. It’s also become popular to substitute confetti for bird seed, which is not only bird-friendly but a great way to save some of the wedding budget. To carry the theme throughout the wedding, we suggest a subtle feather accessory in the groom’s buttonhole, bird cage centrepieces and a feather-like ruffled skirt on the wedding dress.

Of course cakes have always been a focal point of a wedding, but in recent years with the boom of fashion cupcakes the competition between cake designers has become more and more obvious. Designs are no longer basic and standard icing and marzipan, but intricate works of iced art. Olofson Design is based in London and they pride themselves on offering a thoroughly bespoke cake design service. The design process of Olofson Design is tailored for each couple, from initially sharing ideas and doodles, to producing watercolour sketches to fit your weddings colour scheme and tasting all the delicious fillings, the finished cake is a product of months of work. And the good news is, if you don’t like cake they also ice biscuits and cupcakes! The iced biscuits are a perfect, unique idea for wedding favours for your guests too.

The language of flowers was a Victorian-era means of communication between men and women. Different combinations of flowers were used to convey messages as un-chaperoned conversations were not socially acceptable. Therefore the secret language of flowers was developed. The meanings of flowers were varied, from love and friendship to wealth and good wishes, the meanings also differ with every colour. Modern wedding bouquets are designed to fit with colour schemes and personal preference; however we saw Kate Middleton pick specific flowers to fit her relationship with Prince William. Kate’s bouquet included lily-of-the-valley which signifies humility and the return of happiness and hyacinths for constancy and sincerity. She also carried myrtle which was said to be a sacred flower of Aphrodite the Goddess of Love, and Sweet William for finesse and perfection.