Vivienne Westwood For Virgin Atlantic

Turning aeroplane aisles into trophy catwalks, Vivienne Westwood is set to overhaul the classic Virgin Atlantic uniforms adding a designer-led look to over 75,000 staff members, from cabin crew and pilots to Clubhouse staff and Virgin Holiday employees. Set to capture the glamour and style of the original iconic Virgin uniform (introduced 13 years ago), Richard Branson and Virgin felt it was time for a change. Wanting to design a look the crew could feel good about whilst making them feel proud to go to work in the mornings – Westwood was the obvious designer to introduce this new spirit and to ensure the brand stand out from the crowd.

Set to inject the sophistication and style back into Virgin’s workwear, Westwood describes her designs as ‘having a rapport with the body whilst helping people to look more glamorous – always expressing their personality’.  Experimenting with the bold red signature colour, it was also important that the new uniforms were environmentally friendly, as Branson agreed that every company should be thinking about how to make things more sustainable. Sticking to this brief , the new eco-minded uniforms are created from recycled materials including polyester yarn that originated from plastic bottles, and canvas from reused roadside banners and leather cut offs.

Westwood’s mantra has always been ‘buy less, choose well and make it last,’ always creating well tailored seperates with a contemporary flare, and by the look of these illustrations we’re sure the new Virgin Atlantic uniform will be something truly memorable! | @JulesBOnline