Viva London: Self Portraits

Model agency Viva London have partnered with Harper’s Bazaar to launch an exhibition portraying self portraits from iconic models and talents, describing their lives behind the catwalk and subverting public perceptions. Each image shows the model how she wishes to be seen with a small description explaining the captured moment. The Viva London models taking part in the exhibition include the likes of Edie Campbell, Raquel Zimmerman, Saskia De Braww, Doutzen Kroes, Natalia Vondianova and Edita Vilkeviciute. Viva founder Natalie Hand stated “The idea of giving our talent a platform to express their inner selves really appealed to us.”

 Ultimately their has been a growing public desire to find out about the lives of models and their personalities, this exhibition beholds just that. The UK editor of Harper’s Bazaar, Justine Picardie said “While we feature many of the world’s most photographed models on the pages of our magazine and online, it’s rare to see them captured in unguarded, intimate and private moments. The resulting self-portraits in the exhibition are variously intriguing, poignant and beguiling.” The models are captured in a favourite place, with family and friends, enjoying hobbies or travelling. The exhibition began on the 4th of September and will finish on the 18th in London at The Shop at Bluebird.

“When I’m riding I don’t really “see” myself – it’s not about you! Which is nice, given the wonderfully narcissistic nature of my profession.”

 “I see myself as a hardworking mother and wife. I love my family so much; that’s everything.”

“I’ve been playing piano for more than 15 years, and it has become such a big part of my life. Since I was very young I wanted to make simple images of just me playing the piano. I always felt this is who I am. It’s shot on film. I didn’t want to control the images. Real and simple.”

“This image is about longing. When my grandmother’s house was for sale, I went back and took pictures. The house is a container of my childhood memories. It travels with me in my head. I wanted to create this feeling in an image so I cut small puppets out of paper and placed them, and photographs of myself, inside the image of the empty room. The house is a symbol for the world or my mind and the figures are aspects of myself. They have a desire to belong, like I felt when I was a child in this house.”

“I love being silly like this with my son, Lucas. I like to work hard, but I also enjoy laughing at myself and want to give that opportunity to others. I guess I will be catching up on play for the rest of my life.”