Virgin Territory | Summer Mocktails

 Summer is in full swing and with it, the evenings spent socialising at bbqs and relaxing in beer gardens have been adding up. Our bodies are ready for a mid season detox and as we welcome in August we decided it’s the perfect time for a weekend without cocktails. Despite this we are not willing to settle for a sparkling water. In the spirit of not missing out on the fun of funky glasses and creative concoctions, courtesy of, we are adding mocktails to our drinks menu.

A combination of spices, Chai is the health food of the moment, popular for its antioxidant and natural energy boosting properties, try the Chai Blossom Tea for a refreshing evening pick me up.

For a revitalizing drink that is alcohol free, a Salted Meyer Lemon & Sage Presse is an impressive alternative. Have fun testing your bartender skills with this zesty mocktail at your next summertime get together.

The Rehydrator is the perfect cure if you’re entering August feeling a little delicate. Enjoy a tasty mix of cherries and cranberries and get your vitamin C boost.

You don’t have to decline a party invite this weekend to keep up a pre-holiday detox, enjoy the unique blend of lemon and celery with a guilt free Celery Collins.

So simple to prepare, get creative mixing fresh tropical fruit juices and sparkling tonic water to create this gin free Singapore Sling.

Designated drivers don’t settle for the usual non-alcoholic offering at the next garden party, instead enjoy a Summer Twang.  A sweet blend of honey and cantaloupe melon,  this healthy alternative is perfect for a relaxing evening in the sun. | @JulesBOnline

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