Veolia Environment Wildlife Photographer Of The Year

The 48th Veolia Wildlife Photographer Of The Year 2012 competition was held at the Natural History Museum on October 17th . The event was hosted by film-maker Yann Arthus-Bertrand and TV presenter Philippa Forrester. Guests included all of the competiton award winners, international nature photographers and industry leaders.  The exhibition is made up of 100 breathtaking photos taken from a whopping 48,000 entrants from over 98 different countries.

The top prize went to Paul Nicklen for his ‘bubble jetting emporer penguins’; a photo that took patience and discomfort to capture. Paul secured his legs under the lip of the ice in order to remain motionless, breathing only through a snorkel to not disturb the penguins. Once the penguins arrived in a swarm and with near frozen fingers, Paul had to be instinctive with his focus and framing. Paul states ‘as hundreds launched themselves out of the water and onto the ice above me– a moment that I felt incredibly fortunate to witness and one I’ll never forget’.

The exhibition is available to see in the Natural History Museum, presented in a dramatic cinematic setting. For those who can’t reach the Natural History Museum, the exhibition will be going on tour shortly, both nationally and internationally. To find out more about the competition winners and the event, go to