Upcycling a Boeing 727 plane into a home

Bruce Campbell is no ordinary retired engineer. Once retired, he started an exciting, sustainable project to stop wastage of scrap metal from an entire airplane. To do this he bought a Boeing 727 aircraft and creatively up-cycled it into an unusual and innovative home. The 64 year old who bought the aircraft in his early 20’s, spends 6 months a year living in the surreal, mystical converted dwelling, which is situated in the middle of 10 wooded acres in suburban area Oregon, outside of Portland. For the rest of the year he lives in Japan, where he is also looking to buy and similarly re-use a retired Boeing 747 fuselage.

The ultimate up-cycling project is still ongoing. Although Bruce has lived in his masterful creation for a number of years, the aircraft currently features a makeshift shower, Campbell does, however, plan to improve the airplane from the inside with features like a working lavatory. He also aims to restore some of the plane’s original interior elements including seating and lights in order to continue his sustainability. Making the most of his imagination, this beautiful project is a unique fairytale for any environmental enthusiast.

Bruce is part of a small group of people around the world (The Aircraft Fleet Recycling Association) who have transformed retired aircrafts into living spaces or other creative projects, to avoid scrapping fascinating object for wastage and enabling him to use his imagination to its capacity.

Retirement into an aerospace class castle should be every jetliner’s constructive fate. They should never be mindlessly scrapped” – said Bruce Campbell, the aircraft’s owner (and resident).

Shredding a beautiful and scintillating jetliner is a tragedy in waste, and a profound failure of human imagination.

Then you need to transport your airliner to your land. That’s the most daunting challenge.

Jetliners are masterful works of aerospace science, and their superlative engineering grace is unmatched by any other structures people can live within.

You need to acquire two things: An airliner, and suitable land to host it.

They’re incredibly strong, durable, and long lived. And they easily withstand any earthquake or storm. Their interior is easy to keep immaculately clean because they are sealed pressure canisters.


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