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Turner Prize Nominees 2015

The Turner Prize exhibition opens today at the Tramway Gallery in Glasgow. Famous for contemporary and sometimes quite provocative art, the exhibition re-defines what we perceive as conventional, visual art. Showcasing this year’s nominees, the exhibition includes everything from opera singers to DIY showrooms and a pop-up research library.

Assemble, a group of young, radical architects or, ‘activist architects’ seek to break down the barrier between the public and the process by which places are made. A group which the jurers described as ‘unashamedly political artists’. Mostly made up of Cambridge graduates, Assemble embrace ‘direct action’ working with communities to challenge the rebuilding of housing by commercial developers. Alastair Hudson, Director of the Middlesbrough Institute of Modern Art, said: “In a world where everything can be art, why not have a housing estate?”

Crafting glamorous sculptures and thought provoking installations, Nicole Wermer’s exhibition, ‘Infrastruktur’ showcases the glossy aesthetics and materials of modernist design and high fashion. Depicting the illusion of luxurious lifestyle, class, consumption and control through minimalist furniture and over-the-top fur coats laid neglected in a barely there space.

Bonnie Camplin’s research explores the encounters of those people who claim to have visited Mars, or had encounters with aliens, hypnotism and mind control. Featuring at the centre of the exhibition, a research suite of screens showing interviews with individuals having experienced these rare occurrences. Refusing to dismiss the possibility of this, Camplin challenges society and the rapidity in which we describe the paranormal as irrational and abnormal.