Tribeca Film Festival 2014

The Tribeca film festival was founded in the wake of the disaster of September 11 in New York City and the great minds behind the project were none other than Robert De Nero and his producing partner Jane Rosenthal. Now in its thirteenth year the festival has definitely reached the age of maturity with many of this year’s débuts becoming hotly contested as the next big thing. Traditionally a mix of documentary and innovative film this year is no exception.

Here are a few of the contenders:

The Canal

Directed by : Ivan Kavanagh

Channelling early classic cinema this film finds inspiration in the creepy and traditional horror types. The story follows a married couple as they discover the mysterious and brutal history of their home. As the past starts to repeat itself,  husband David,  is hell bent on revealing the secrets of the house and begins a descent into a tragic insanity. Coupled with a chilling score, this is no Irish ghost story for the faint hearted.  It will leave you clutching pillows with a fear of the dark long after the final cut.

Dior and I

Directed by:  Frédéric Tcheng

Following his success with previous fashion film making for Valentino, Director Frédéric Tcheng opens the doors to world renowned Dior. We take a highly privileged look behind the scenes at the highly anticipated first haute couture collection of new Artistic Director Raf Simons. Expect a tale about a labour of love, that expresses the daily challenge of the fashion team as we follow the collection from conception to exhibition. A beautiful and colourful homage to the great works. Reviwers have it pinned as the one to watch and reviews state  it is ‘Nothing short of beautiful’.

Art and Craft

Directed by:  Sam Cullman, Jennifer Grausman, Mark Becker

Centred on the life and times of Mark Landis, a professional counterfeit artist who has masterfully copied the works of Matisse and Picasso (to name but a few) the tale navigates the search to find the man behind the paintings. His personal tale is much less black market and a little more white jacket as the man in question suffered from the mental disorder schizophrenia throughout his life and donated his paintings free of charge. A touching tale of a man who wanted to be loved and desired to be a part of a community.

Regarding Susan Sontag

Directed by: Nancy D Kates

Regarding Susan Sontag takes a deep and enlightening look at the life of a visionary through the directing eye of Nancy Kates. Sontag was a woman who inspired many as the voice of her generation as a literary,  political and feminist icon. Her tumultuous life is displayed through accounts from colleagues, interviews with lovers and stories by family members. From her first experience in a gay bar to her tales of war and photographing those on the edge of society, this documentary leaves nothing untouched.  A celebration of an adventurous life.


 Directed by: Lou Howe

Debutant Lou Howe wowed at the previews with his first written and directed work. Accompanied by an electrifying performance by Rory Culkin this is one film that is selling out fast. A coming of age tale, focuses on the life of a teenager as he battles with mental illness and longs for stability and acceptance. This portrait of a young man on the edge of mental instability resonates with all long after the final scenes.

These are but a selection of the incredible films on offer at the festival this season. Check out for more information about these and other films.