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Establishing itself as one of the most renowned watch-makers available today, ToyWatch offers a vast assortment of male, female and unisex products in over 2,000 stores and boutiques across the globe.

Each design rebels against the traditional stiffness of existing devises and defies the idea that a watch has to be neat to achieve sophistication.

Following its successful launch in 2006, the Milan based company has since secured a cherished fan-base, with their designs being coveted by various celebrities and style icons, including the likes of Keira Knightley, Lily Allen, Dakota Fanning, Sandra Bullock, Tara Reid and Katie Holmes, with male stars Owen Wilson and Clive Owen also embracing the revolutionary accessory.

Adopting the desired efficient practicality of a watch with a high level of premium quality, ToyWatch have effectively proceeded to achieve inspirational statement pieces, with every design incorporating a fresh, contemporary edge.

The company sustains a distinctly bold appeal in their oversized, simplistic shapes and assortment of lightweight materials, ranging from plastics to various metals. Every watch features exquisite detailing and luxury components such as Swarovski, ceramics and diamonds, with eccentric chronographs, rotating bezels and luminescent hands.

Undeniably innovative in design and offering an unbeatable array of diversity in their energizingly colourful collections, the ingenuity of every ToyWatch embodies its own playful character.

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