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Top City Breaks for Spring

As the sun starts to shine and the crowds of tourists haven’t yet descended, spring is the ideal time to travel and take in all there is to see within Europe’s best city break destinations. To make it easier to decide on your next trip, we’ve picked out five of our favourites for this time of year, each with its own unique charms.


Venice is absolutely beautiful in spring. As light floods the city, flowers bloom everywhere and even the darkest of backstreets comes to life with pops of colour, this romantic city comes into its own. Let yourself get lost in this unique city, take in the most gorgeous of views and venture off the beaten track to find the best cicchetti, which is the traditional and oh-so-tasty Italian version of tapas. Expect blue skies, warm days and fewer crowds at this time of year.


Photo by Shai Pal on Unsplash

Summers in Seville often reach up to 40C, but spring is much more pleasant. With the scent of orange blossom and jasmine in the air and the city’s beautiful parks in bloom, this picturesque city comes alive. In Semana Santa (Holy Week, 14-20 April), the streets are filled with floats and processions, whilst in May there is also the lively annual Feria de Abril – a week long fiesta complete with parades, flamenco and lots of partying into the night.


As the long winter comes to an end, Berlin celebrates the return of the sun with events and outdoor spaces reopening across the city. Go for a long weekend and relax in the beer gardens, poke around the flea markets and hang out along the canal surrounded by the beautiful cherry blossom trees. There’s of course plenty to satisfy your cultural and historical appetite here, and it’s a great place to enjoy a boat tour or bike ride, too.


Enjoy excellent weather and avoid the influx of tourists by visiting Prague in spring. Prague is a very pedestrian friendly city, with all of its major sights being within walking distance and the oldest areas cornered off into walking zones with limited motor traffic. As the sun shines, this beautiful city full of greenery is perfect to explore on foot, and you can take part in a number of springtime celebrations such as Easter and the Prague Spring International Music Festival. To see Prague in spring at its best, visit Petrin Hill, where you’ll leave the noise of the city behind as you ascend this 427ft bluff covered in cherry blossom.


Spring brings out the best in Amsterdam and its surrounding countryside as canals burst with greenery and the region’s famous tulips come into colourful bloom. Visit Amsterdam in April to enjoy its driest month of the year, cycle around the city in the sunshine and take in all the beautiful flowers and architecture. Hang out in one of the city’s parks, experience the party atmosphere on King’s Day or venture further out to see Holland’s celebrated flower strip, or ‘bollenstreek’, in all its glory.