The Wet Look: Fashion meets the ALS Ice Bucket Challenge

If there is anything that you thought both cats and fashion people might have in common it’s probably that neither of them particularly enjoys getting wet. However, even fashion’s most elitist have been willing to get their paws dirty, or soaked, for the ALS Ice Bucket phenomenon which has been described by Mashable as ‘the Harlem Shake of the summer’.

The ALS Ice Bucket Challenge seemed to stem from celebrity involvement and filter down into the general public, where we now live each day in fear of our own nomination. The challenge involves being drenched by a bucket of ice cold water on camera and proceeding to donate money to the ALS Awareness charity.  The idea is that the bucket can be poured by someone else, numerous people or even by yourself but you must donate, whether that goes to ALS or another charity of your own choice.  The participant then goes on to nominate three more people and so the cycle continues.

ALS or Motor Neurone Disease as known in the UK is a deadly neurodegenerative disease affecting muscle spasticity, breathing, swallowing and speaking in its sufferers. So far the outcome of the Ice Bucket Challenge has meant a mass raising in awareness of an illness that most people will have known little about and the donations have equated to millions of dollars which will supposedly go towards research.

So how does a model, designer or editor partake in the Ice Bucket Challenge? With as much style as humanly possible in the situation! Donatella Versace confirmed this when she accepted her nomination, sat on her throne (a garden chair)  in a picturesque Italian garden where two half naked Versace male models proceeded to pour water over her through ornate Versace vases. Tom Ford looked like he was on set to shoot a campaign as he sat poised on a stool in front of an idyllic Ranch backdrop, whilst an equally chic elder gentleman got the pleasure of drenching him with a luxe leather bucket in what we can only assume to be Perrier water. Ford in turn nominated fellow creative directors Nicholas Ghesquière and Heidi Slimane so we hope that nobody comes down with flu before Fashion Week!

It was then refreshing to see the Queen of Ice Anna Wintour, in sunglasses, sat surrounded by family and dogs as she completed her challenge with grace. Likewise cool customer and bikini clad Kate Moss had children with multiple buckets helping her to fulfil her nomination, whilst Victoria Beckham also enlisted the help of her family to carry out the task. Other fashionable faces have been pairing up to brave the icy water. Chris Martin and Stella McCartney have provided a humorous video of the pair sheltering under a large umbrella before being splashed and best friends Jaime King and Taylor Swift got involved together. Carine Roitfeld, Poppy Delevigne and Rosie Huntington Whiteley are also amongst some of our favourite stylish efforts!

You can learn more about ALS and make your own donation here: