The Wall by Dominick Sheldon

 The Wall is an amazing; beautiful film debuted by Dominick Sheldon directing the extreme Aerial Trampolinist Flippenout. Featuring the American athletic troupe, they broke a Guinness World Record by flying through the air at heights up to 22 feet, creating the brothers, Sean and Eric Kennedy’s spectacular performance. Captured on the runway of Floyd Bene Fields, a derelict airspace outside of New York, the bouncing showmen are soundtracked to the pulsating “Paradiso,” an original score by bass-heavy producer Feral, AKA Caleb Halter.

Throughout the performance, the brothers’ showcased different menswear garments in a truly unique way, from an array of designers, including; 3.1 Phillip Lim, J.W. Anderson and Tim Coppens, Marc by Marc Jacobs and Kenzo.  Having trained under the conceptual eye of Steven Klein, Sheldon fused the trampolinist stars of NBA and NFL half-time shows’ performance gear with the military-inflected styling of creative director Stevie Dance. Mesmerizing and an original take on a fashion shoot; Sheldon has taken an innovative approach to capture menswear to create an outstanding performance, which is truly inspiring for fashion-forward designers.

“My background in fashion spurred me to take them out their typical environment,” says Sheldon. “When they enter and exit a frame they’re in a different outfit yet they’re still in routine. It’s a performance.”