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The Ultimate Sunglasses Guide

Get ‘look-at-me’ drama with the perfect pair of statement sunglasses this season. Inspired by celebrity looks, we’ve found some key styles to suit every budget. There’s a perfect pair of sunnies for every face shape and every style. Whether it’s a pair of chunky shades you’re after or a timeless frame, this guide has everything you need to complete your handbag essentials this summer.


Opting for a top heavy style, Beyonce’s angular sunglasses emulate the ever on-trend geometric shape. A dark lens suits any outfit whilst the twist on a classic cat eye gives a sultry appeal perfect for oval face shapes. The Neo Noir sunglasses emulate this look with ease and come with a stylish leather pouch for protection.

Caroline Roxy

Rounded frames are perfect if your face shape is a little more angular or if you have a strong jaw line. They also allow you to experiment with various colours and lenses. Rounded styles tend to give stand out style as apposed to the classic dark lens and tortoise shell frame, these Luxe Chateau sunglasses are chunky, and easy to wear in a neutral tone perfect for casual or formal looks.

Michelle Keegan

Spotted in a classic cat eye frame, Michelle Keegan opts for a timeless, simple style that suits any look in any era. Get the look with these Rapture sunglasses, a cat eye with an ‘oversized lash’ detail for a contemporary twist.

Miranda Kerr

Another timeless shape donned throughout the decades, the aviator. Curving around the cheek bone area to add definition, aviators are ideal for triangular face shapes. Contour your features with the Prince Aviator Sunglasses.

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