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The Review: Kiss The Moon Sleep Therapy

We all go through phases where a fast paced lifestyle can take its toll. Feeling completely exhausted but unable to catch up on some much needed sleep. We heard about Kiss the Moon products and couldn’t wait to see what they could do for our own sleeping pattern. Offering a range of completely natural bath oils, moisturisers, scented candles and must-haves for you bedside table, Kiss the Moon began when founder,  Jo Foster, found she needed to her sleep back on track,“…poor sleep so often results in poor skin. Our products not only help you get to sleep but also give your skin the nourishment it needs overnight as it repairs and regenerates.”

GLOW | Aromatherapy Soy Candle 

This candle smells incredible and with its matte black finish looks incredibly stylish in any room. With a long lasting scent long after it’s blown out this candles fills your room with a calming sleepy sent that brightens your mood helping you go to sleep completely content.

DREAM | After Dark Balm

You can apply this balm to pressure points like your wrists and temples if you’re finding it difficult to get forty winks. The scent includes lavender which gently fills your senses with a sleepy vibes allowing you to eventually drift off to the land of nod.

LOVE | After Dark Face Oil and Bath Oil

This is ideal if you have some much needed time to pamper yourself. Just a few drops in the bath and you’re surrounded by gorgeous floral notes combined with ylang ylang and parmarosa to ease the mind and encourage restfulness. Simply apply a few drops of the face oil to you palms, warm it up a bit and pat onto the skin, it’s packed with vitamin A to increase the moisture levels in your skin whilst reducing the risk of wrinkles.

All made from completely natural ingredients you have nothing to worry about when it comes to chemicals or clogging up your skin, and each product is designed to calm, rejuvinate and revive your mind and senses to help you get a restful sleep. The packaging is beautiful so these products make a great gift or indulgent treat for those relaxing home-spa weekends.