The Old Fashioned

With the good weather and long evenings on their way, we’re getting ready for  race day weekend with this classic Old Fashioned cocktail recipe from Fine tune your cocktail making skills just in time for the summer with the oak aged taste of whiskey offset by its sweet American cousin, bourbon. With the refreshing flavour of lemon and a dash of sugar syrup this is the perfect cocktail to accompany your Saturday evenings. Whether you’re heading to the grand national or hosting for your friends, give this age old classic a try.


45ml Bourbon

30ml Whiskey

2 dashes Sugar syrup

3 dashes of Lemon Juice


Slowly combine the bourbon and sugar syrup together until you get a paste, keep stiring.

Once all the bourbon is added mix in the whiskey and lemon juice.

Serve on its own or garnish with a candied.

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