The New Street Art Trend Taking Over

Nature and the urban setting combine to create art that highlights the sparse, yet beautiful areas of natural growth in the city. These occasional outbursts of nature are frequently ignored or deemed inconsequential by busy city dwellers, however, street artists have recently taken it upon themselves to turn them into, often extremely witty, pieces of art.

The artwork cleverly highlights the presence and beauty of greenery within the often dull, urban environment, whilst subtly reminding people that life is not so serious. The humorous and fun examples are bound to stop even the busiest of city inhabitants in their tracks. Yet this is precisely the point, what do we need more in our cities than a fun distraction from the stresses synonymous with modern life? Personally, if I glimpsed some of these on my daily rush to work, I certainly believe it would lighten up my day.

In the past we have had various takes on the growing street art move. These include the incorporation of the previously deemed ‘outdated’ activity; knitting, as well as the use of urban elements including sign posts and lamps. Street art trends only seem to be getting more and more out there. So the only question is, what comes next?


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