The MTV Video Music Awards 2013

The Summer is almost at an end and with it comes the conclusion of awards season and what better way to go out than with the MTV Video Music Awards 2013. By no means the most high brow or critically acclaimed of awards ceremonies but easily one of the most fun. Similarly to The Brit Awards over here in the UK, the VMA’s are renowned for their ‘anything goes’ attitude and arguably salacious spirit.

Some standout moments of past VMA’s include that infamous Madonna & Britney Spears performance/kiss, Lady Gaga’s meat dress and Kanye West’s impromptu takeover of Taylor Swift’s acceptance speech for Best Female video. Can you imagine if any of that happened at the Oscars? Now that’s what I’d call popcorn television!

This year’s show was no exception to the rule with a star studded performance line up including a predictably unpredictable opening number by Queen monster herself, Lady Gaga, an amazing rendition by Katy Perry of her new song Roar (underneath the Brooklyn Bridge) and a very controversial medley by former Hannah Montanna star Miley Cirus featuring Robyn Thicke, a lyrca two-piece and a bunch of dancers with giant stuffed teddy bears strapped to their backs. You must have seen seen the footage?

For the first time in their 29 year history the VMA’s were held in Brooklyn, New York. Stars of TV, film and of course music were out in drones for the event with a select few in the running to win a now coveted ‘Moon Man’ award. The red carpet was home to some very polarising looks. Below you will find a selection of some of our favorites for all of the right (and wrong) reasons. Let us know if you can guess which was which!