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The Man Behind the Music

Catwalk shows are a fast-paced, breathtaking and overwhelming environment to be in. There is so much going on that we sometimes forget about what goes into the making of a show to give each brand its own unique flavour. The Vivienne Westwood catwalk shows are less like a display of premium fashion and more like a production of a West End show. The stage, lighting and music are of the utmost importance as, often, Vivienne has a message to convey.

 Dominic Emrich has been working with Vivienne Westwood for three years now, producing the music for her catwalk shows. The Parisian native has described the label as having an”immortal dream”, an idea on which he bases his catwalk pieces.

For Vivienne Westwood’s Gold Label Spring/Summer ’16 show, Emrich’s piece was electrifying. It begins calmly with crashing waves, heavy orchestral sounds and ghoulish tones, only for it to burst into techy electric beats and tribal drumming. The piece was mismatched and unstructured, combining different genres, voices and tools. It was boundless and frighteningly cool, rather like the designs of Vivienne Westwood herself.

Here are some fantastic shots from the Westwood show…

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