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The Holiday Report: Easter Getaways

When the trees and plants are just starting to blossom, the landscape is getting greener and the birds are migrating to relish in the early spring weather, the Easter break is the perfect time to start seeking hot sun rays and fascinating locations. Whether your are seeking warmer weather or looking for some fresh air, there is a diverse selection of gateways to look for starting from top holiday islands to stunning parts of southern Europe that guarantee relaxing summer vibes and marvellous scenery. We have carefully selected the top 5 Easter destinations allowing you to find that one spring gateway for you.


Based in North Africa, the country lets you indulge into cultural entertainment, exceptional sightseeing alongside delicious cuisine and of course – much needed sunshine. Leading tourist attractions include Jardin Majorelle, Saadian Tombs, Bahia palace in Marrakech and beautiful Atlas mountains. Morocco offers hours of sun daily and lets you cool it off at night; so get your suitcase packing if you are wishing to indulge into incredible scenery and rich culture.


Offering Gothic architecture, grand palaces and castles, Prague is the perfect Easter getaway to explore rich history, culture and tradition alongside that perfect mild European spring weather. The iconic Easter markets are a must to visit whilst spring breaking; where you are sure to discover exquisite traditional feasts and souvenirs to bring back home. Other activities to indulge into include: seeing an Easter concert in one of the most stunning historic cathedrals, visit extraordinary castles and don’t forget to brunch to discover delicious foods you are sure to fall in love with.


Offering the most exquisite beaches, a wide range of tourist attractions, marvellous landscapes alongside the most evocative Greek and Roman ruins, Sicily is the place to go if you are looking for fascinating views and scenery. Top tourist attractions include Mount Etna; the one with beautiful views and fascinating history, blue Grotto Capri; the must see sea cave with illuminating views, valley of the temples; breathtaking ruins and spectacular views. Spend your Easter holidays around scenery that you are guaranteed to remember for a lifetime.


Looking for a gateway just a little closer to you? Dublin is perfect to visit at this time of the year. Known for its cheerful atmosphere and rich history, Dublin will become the perfect place to visit with your family or friends. From delicious food and drink to the most exquisite literature and sightseeing, Dublin offers a range of things to do both daily and nightly. Major attractions include the Guinness Storehouse where you will explore the iconic history of beer, Phoenix Park offering stunning greenery and a place to unwind, Dublin Castle with stunning views alongside intriguing history and the National Gallery offering historical exhibitions and stunning art pieces.


Greece’s largest island, Crete is a spectacular place full of tradition, rich history, stunning sightings and delicious cuisines. From fine-sand beaches and fascinating mountains to mysterious caves and indulging museums, Crete is the place to learn rich culture and simply unwind in the delightful spring weather. Guaranteed to give you a beautiful tan alongside unforgettable memories, Crete is a must for a lover of holidays on the beach.

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