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The Great North Run: Sport-Led Style

September; the month when summer ends, autumn begins, schools return and, generally, we go back to reality. In the North-East of England, we all know this is the month a momentous and thrilling event is going to take place… the Great North Run! The excitement surrounding the worlds biggest half marathon is detectable even outside of Newcastle city centre, where the run takes place every September. Here at Jules B, we are particularly excited as it takes place just outside our front door!

The 56,000 runners taking part will start at Spital Tongues in Newcastle, and eventually end up in South Shields. Hundreds of people will be lining the streets and roads and cheering with all their might for friends and family running the course. The race was originally thought up by Olympic bronze medalist and BBC sport commentator Brendan Foster, and ever since it has only done the region favours, creating a huge momentum for the city of Newcastle and attracting athletes of every nationality and ability to compete.

However, it is important to remember fashion does not need to be forgotten when taking part in any sporting activity. Many high-end fashion brands have joined the fitness hype and are designing some fantastic versatile and functional sportswear.

With a particular interest in golf, the Hugo Boss Green Label have been producing high-quality, stylish sportswear for some years now. From polo shirts, to caps, to lightweight trainers, the German power-brand certainly know what they are doing when it comes to designing comfortable and functional sports wear. Below are some items from the Green label we stock at Jules B, and are available on our website.
Enjoy watching polo? Well, look no further than Hackett, the quintessential British menswear brand. With polo shirts being their area of expertise, we can see why even another big name in sport wanted to get involved in their collections- Aston Martin. The Aston Martin Racing range for Hackett offers sleek, sporty, high-quality products that are a staple for any mans wardrobe. See below some of the collection we stock on our website.

If yachting is more your thing, then your go-to brand is Paul and Shark. Providing yachting and boating clothing since 1975, the Italian fashion powerhouse produces clothing and accesories for the perfect gentleman.

So, whatever the sporting occasion, don’t forget that style still counts.

We look forward to cheering on all the runners that are taking part in the Great North Run this Sunday the 13th of September; good luck and happy running.

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