The Glasgow Commonwealth Games 2014

Glasgow welcomed in the Commonwealth Games in true Scottish style on Wednesday night, with a raucous, patriotic fuelled ceremony that was set to rival the efforts of the 2012 London Olympics. The celebrations opened with a musical extravaganza, inspired by the vast history of Scotland. Full of comical clichés, singer John Barrowman gave a witty rendition of Scottish heritage that spanned from the English border to the isle of Skye and even gave reference to Irn Bru and Tunnocks Teacakes whilst the host of dancers, school children, and the mysterious loch-ness monster also joined in the festivities.

The Scottish puns continued as the athletes entered the arena with traditional ‘Scotty’ dogs leading the way for the country parades. In true British pomp and circumstance the Queen officially opened the ceremony and gave thanks to the host city for it’s inspired efforts. A quick word of well wishes and the games were well and truly officiated. So what should you look forward to in the coming weeks?

This year marks the 20th anniversary of the Commonwealth games, a games that finds it’s origins in the British Imperial Empire yet celebrates the outstanding efforts of athletes in numerous disciplines from all over the globe. Some 53 different countries are represented at the games, and those from as far as the southern African nations and the islands of the Indian ocean.  The games themselves will find athletes competing for Gold, Bronze and Silver medals across a broad spectrum of disciplines. This year much focus have been paid to outsider sport, women’s netball as well as the classic cycling, swimming and running events.

As we write this day one has already begun and so far England are sat comfortably at the top of the medal leader board, thanks to the triumphant efforts of Jodie Stimpson and Alastair Brownlee in the triathlon and hopefully the success won’t stop there.

So, let’s get behind the commonwealth this weekend and relive the excitement of the Olympics all over again. The athletes efforts so far have been second to none and it is sure to be a thrilling two weeks full of record breaking success. Stay tuned!