The AG Jeans Contour 360

Here at Jules B we are proud to present the Contour 360 line by renowned denim designers AG Jeans. This ground-breaking denim technology is set to take the fashion world by storm and will be available at Jules B on-line and in store next season, so watch this space!

The iconic brand set up shop in 2000 and since its humble beginnings has rapidly evolved into the most sought after denim brand of our time. AG or Adriano Goldschmied was the vision of  the infamous Koos manufacturer Yul Ku who had spent years prior creating stunning denim apparel for top american retailers.

The collaboration with Goldschmied cemented a profitable future as this bionic team survived the US economic repression of the mid 2000’s. As other premium labels struggled to keep their heads above water AG Jeans continued to gain loyal followers.

In 2008 Samuel Ku the son of Yul breathed new life into the company taking it from a luxury to a ‘must have’, lifestyle brand.  The company mantra is simple. Chic. Sophisticated. Classic. and it aims to recreate those elements throughout each piece of its collection, offering feminine flair and durable male silhouettes, there’s no doubt as to why AG Jeans has become a household name.

The innovative Contour 360 collection has the fashion world a buzz with anticipation especially after the release of the promo video. A visual homage to the marriage of art and fashion; as the pure beauty of ballet is recreated in the constraints of jeans and denim-wear alike, the viewer is left perplexed as to origin of such freedom and flexibility. Shot against the gritty backdrop of an abandoned studio the dancers reflect the pure beauty of dance whilst showcasing the true versatility of these covetable jeans. The Contour 360 collection moves as freely as the wearer, allowing for optimum fit whatever the occasion.

To quote the brand:

Our exclusive Contour 360 fabric defies the expectations of traditional denim, sculpting the body with all-direction
stretch. This innovative material offers an unlimited range of movement and flexibility, while optimum
recovery ensures a silhouette that retains impeccable form.

Coming next season the Contour 360 collection is set to fly off the shelves with incredible force, this brand’s following is as determined and daring as the brand itself. But if you can’t wait until the official launch head to our AG Jeans page now, shop up to 70% off and find out what all the fuss is about.