Takao Inoue Dandelion Lights

When asked for the universal symbol to signify the highly anticipated arrival of spring, there is one answer that immediately springs to mind; the dandelion.

And so, in spirit of the ever-improving climate, we welcome the season and all of its wonders by recounting the inspirational works of Takao Inoue in his stunning installation of Dandelion Lights last year at the annual Milan based furniture fair, Milano Salone.

Talented cinematographer, Takao Inuoe, re-invented the concept behind a traditional household lamp and devised a magical alternative – a ‘dandelion light’. The artist carefully harvested real dandelions and skilfully proceeded to seal these within acrylic blocks after inserting a miniature OLED’s (organic light-emitting diodes) into each individual stem.

As a result, the illuminated series exhibited an ethereal effect, with every delicate piece showcasing fragility of form and acquiring a nostalgic and mentally lethargic ambience.

Takao Inoue –Fragility is expressed by an illuminated wavering TAMPOPO (Japanese for Dandelion)… It reminds us of our old memories of picking up dandelion’s puff. The mysterious light gives us a moment to release ourselves.